Zulu Pods Appoints Adam Smedresman, MS, as VP of Product Development

“We are delighted to welcome Adam to the Zulu Pods team. His mastery of solving technical challenges is indispensable on our path to advancing the entire aerospace and defense industry.” – Rob Sladen, CEO and Co-Founder, Zulu Pods

Aerospace and defense company Zulu Pods, which focuses on revolutionizing jet engines with improved, decentralized lubrication systems, today announced that Adam Smedresman has joined the company as Vice President of products. In this role, Smedresman will focus on maturing the company’s intellectual property portfolio and facilitating all aspects of technology and product development.

With demonstrated success in driving hardware from concept to manufacturing and validation as an engineering team leader and analyst, Smedresman came to Zulu Pods most recently from Amphenol RF, where he served as Principal Engineer of project design and responsible for developing enterprise-wide structural analysis. methods and capabilities.

Previously at Pratt & Whitney, Smedresman served as Team Leader of Advanced Engine Program Structures. He led the team responsible for ensuring the structural integrity of all oil-wet components, including bearing compartments and outboard accessories, through several phases of development. Additionally, he led a multi-year technology development program specifically created for his spring damper invention, which allows for smaller ride compartments, among other benefits. He successfully advanced his level of readiness by leading parameterized optimization, analysis, prototyping, and platform design. Smedresman has been granted ten US patents that improve key engine parameters, and four more are pending.

“We are delighted to welcome Adam to the Zulu Pods team. His mastery of technical problem solving is indispensable on our path to advancing the entire aerospace and defense industry,” said Rob Sladen, CEO and co-founder of Zulu Pods. “His innovative nature makes him an ideal candidate for our creative team.”

“Zulu Pods has found opportunities to make multi-pronged engineering improvements in many turbomachinery applications,” Smedresman said. “The team is constantly generating new concepts, often venturing outside of traditional aerospace design engineering. We also have the technical capabilities to quickly analyze and validate our inventions. I am honored to be part of such a unique and talented, and I’m excited to help lead the product development process.

Smedresman holds an MS in Aerospace Engineering and a BS in Mechanical Engineering, both from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. While at this top ten engineering school, he was a research assistant in the Computational Thermo-Fluids group headed by Professor Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson and department head Wei Shyy. Smedresman’s contributions included the manufacture of micro air vehicle propellers and the development of a sensitive wind tunnel test rig. His experimental results were published in an AIAA conference paper. He also contributed historical research to the group’s book, Aerodynamics of Low Reynolds Number Flyers (2007). At Michigan, Smedresman was also a teaching assistant, teaching a weekly lab focused on the design of motorized mechanisms.

Smedresman’s numerous patents cover a range of turbomachinery technologies, including spring-damper systems, housings, seals and lubrication. He has received several awards at Pratt & Whitney, including the Department Innovator of the Quarter Award (twice), Innovation Competition Seed Funding, and Advanced Technology Development Funding.

About Zulu Pods

Zulu Pods is a woman-owned aerospace and defense company focused on reinventing and redesigning more efficient lubrication systems. The ZPod is the company’s unique and patented packaged oil delivery system. Thanks to compact packaging and metal 3D printing, the ZPods are small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, offering significant cost and weight savings as well as improved performance. In addition to the application of ZPods in single-use engines, they can function as a lubrication reservoir of a mechanical system. Originally designed for helicopters, a ZPod reservoir system can extend flight time in the event of lubrication loss, which could help save lives and millions of dollars in assets. For more information, visit zulupods.com.

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