Your guide to the Reddit forum lingo fueling GameStop’s rise and more than half of working mothers say their work performance has declined during the pandemic

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Tents? Diamond hands? Your guide to lingo on WallStreetBets, the Reddit forum fueling the rise of Gamestop

Reddit’s WallStreetBets has 3.3 million members and counts, and its own language.

4 things the best financial advisors do for their clients that put them ahead of others

These qualities and abilities distinguish the best professionals in investment advice.

U.S. banks pledged billions to charities in 2020 amid COVID-19 pandemic – what’s behind their generosity

“Bank donations may indeed be motivated by altruism, but our results indicate that these donations have a strategic component.”

Matt Damon sells his $ 21 million estate to Pacific Palisades

Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon has listed his posh Pacific Palisades residence for sale for $ 21 million.

“It’s pure economic waste. We distributed our $ 1,200 stimulus to our church: “Why did we get these checks instead of poor Americans?” “

“We don’t light our fireplace with $ 100 bills, but we’re comfortable. “

“Most people would be seriously stunned if they knew how many credit scores there are”: why your FICO score differs from Credit Karma

It is a common misconception that you only have one credit score.

More than half of working mothers say their performance at work has declined during the pandemic – and they are the luckiest

About six in ten parents who work from home say it is difficult to do their jobs without a break.

Is GameStop’s mad rush due to market manipulation by social media users – or are they exercising free speech?

The title closed on Monday with a record close, although it did not announce any news.

I have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Now what? Can I fly or visit my family? Do I always have to wear my mask?

In the United States, more than 3 million Americans have received two doses of either vaccine.

Biden relaunches plan to put Harriet Tubman on a $ 20 note – why this bill has special resonance for the Civil War-era abolitionist

History shows that Tubman has a special connection to the sum of $ 20.

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Your next stimulus check of the Biden administration could be the first of several

As the Biden administration seeks to quickly pass a third major economic stimulus package, some of its allies on Capitol Hill and elsewhere are mulling over the formula for household payments, seeking to make them recurring instead of the lump sums seen in the past. .

Child poverty is three times more common than previously thought

A third of households with one child were poor in net worth in 2019, three times the income poor.

The Fed maintains its policy and highlights a further slowdown in sectors already affected by the pandemic

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday kept its monetary policy unchanged as expected while noting that some sectors of the economy have “moderated” in recent months

House budget chief warns rising wages could make it harder to pass Biden bailout

The inclusion of a minimum wage hike of $ 7.25 in an upcoming filibuster-proof package of legislation could make it harder to pass the budget plan intended to pave the way for this package, he said. warned House Budget Speaker John Yarmuth.

Bill Gates wants this “crazy” and “evil” theory about him and Dr. Fauci to go away

Microsoft co-founder debunks pandemic conspiracy theories, shares enthusiasm for Biden’s coronavirus task force

YouTube suspends Rudy Giuliani’s channel from making money after repeatedly sharing misinformation about elections

Giuliani falsely claimed Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election on his YouTube channel

Stop laughing at GameStop’s stock mania – no, really

Reddit’s WallStreetBets is really the same old story — a concerted effort of market manipulators who will get rich and surely destroy some unwitting participants in the process.

Even Reddit starts discussing the end of the game for GameStop’s wild ride

When will video game retailer GameStop’s skyrocketing gains stop? Perhaps a sign is that there is a discussion on the topic on the Reddit bulletin board that fueled the race.

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