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At the end of the 2021-22 school year, the Williamsport Area School Board approved several agenda items in preparation for the upcoming school year.

As part of the program, the board approved:

• An IDEA contract with BLaST Intermediate Unit 17. The contract states that the Intermediate Unit will release funds for the district to support the provision of programs and services to students with disabilities at a cost of $889,227.

• The BLaST Special Education Agreement which covers the responsibilities of the District and Intermediate Unit 17 for the provision of special education services. The amount of the contract is $562,902 and will be paid in five installments through the IDEA and ACCESS programs.

• A Letter of Agreement with Beacon Light Behavioral Health Services for continuity of care for students receiving services while placed in their agency. The contract is for 24 months.

• Harrisburg Certified School Nurse Ann Stillwater will provide in-person training for health services staff in October at a cost of $150 to be paid through the Student Services budget.

• An agreement with STEP Inc., to host six Americorps participants in the district. Each participant is sponsored by the district at a cost of $8,925 which is included in the Student Services budget. STEP bears all other costs.

An independent educational evaluation agreement between the district and Dr. Steven P. Kachmar to conduct an evaluation of a special education student at a cost not to exceed $4,000. The costs will be paid through the special education budget.

• An agreement with BLaST IU 17 for the district’s LASA Quik resident program educational services. The cost will be paid by the student’s home district.

• Up to 15 teachers and administrators to participate in the Neurosequence Network trainer program, to prepare them to lead their professional development in basic concepts of trauma and brain development. The program helps educators better understand and teach difficult students. The cost of the program is $45,000 and will be paid for from the district’s ARP ESSER State Set Aside funding to be spent on mental health and trauma services.

• Up to 24 days at the program rate of $150 per day for up to 12 fifth grade period teachers to collaboratively plan, develop lessons, assessments and grade reports. The work will take place on June 10 and July 1 and will be financed by ESSER.

• An independent educational evaluation agreement between Communication Associates, LLC and the district to conduct an evaluation of a special education student. The cost of occupational therapy and speech therapy assessment will not exceed $4,000 and will be paid from the special education budget.

• Up to 30 days of staff training for teachers at the program rate of $150 per day to be paid from the student services budget.

Under staff, the board approved the following resignations: Brenda K. Horn, full-time high school aide for retirement purposes; Danielle L. Gottschall, part-time food service worker at Jackson Primary; Dianne E. Fair, part-time catering worker at Hepburn-Lycoming; Brady W. Sahm, long-term college supply; Christine M. Zangara, part-time administrative support at Stevens Primary: Cortney J. Borrosco, part-time aide at Hepburn-Lycoming; Connor McCormick, full-time computer technician II; Cynthia M. Ward, full-time administrative assistant; Denise M. Bell, a part-time high school catering worker in preparation for her retirement; Gretchen A. Ziegler, part-time aide at Stevens Primary; Jordan H. Englert, part-time assistant at Lycoming Valley; Karen R. Miller, full-time health ward technician at Cochran Primary; Megan E. Becker, full-time third-grade teacher at Stevens; Michael J. Mattern, part-time college food service worker; and Susanne J. Boatman, full-time food service production manager at Hepburn-Lycoming Primary for retirement.

The board approved the following hires at the stated rate of pay: Alayne M. Smith, assigned to teach seventh grade English at the college, $53,633; John M. Nixon, Paraprofessional/Middle School Intervention Specialist, $23,970; Kyle J. Schlecht, assigned to teach high school special education, $53,633; Lauren Sauers, part-time temporary college intern, $13.75 per hour; Matthew Oldt, full-time general maintenance worker, $41,840; Olivia K. Erb, full-time middle school counselor, $56,757; Ryan Carper, full-time assistant principal at Lycoming Valley Intermediate, $82,600; Timothy A. Miller, fee-based career and technical education teacher; Cole B. Lesher, assigned to teach fourth grade at Lycoming Valley Intermediate, $53,633; and Christine M. Zangara and Jordan H. Englert as back-up administrative support/helpers at $12 per hour.

Other board-approved items include:

• High Voltage Entertainment will provide DJ service for the High School Spring Fling on June 10 at a cost of $150 paid from Key Club funds.

• An offer from Glenn O Hawbaker, Inc., to repair the asphalt at Cochran Primary at a cost of $133,476 to be paid from the proceeds of the 2019 bond.

• The renewal of AssetMaxx fixed assets software for the period from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 at a cost of $2,640 to be paid from the budget of the business office.

The next board meeting will be at 6 p.m. June 21 at the District Office, 2780 West Fourth St.

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