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GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Governor Henry McMaster has said he wants to invest more than $1 billion in the state’s highest priority transportation projects.

Some people living upstate would say widening parts of Interstate 85, like around Pelham Road, should be high on their list.

However, transportation officials said they want to use their one-time funding strategically and said there isn’t enough research to rank widening parts of I-85 as a concern. major.

Although widening I-85 is an ongoing project with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, using this money to expedite some of these projects is not on the table.

Drivers we’ve spoken to say our highway here upstate needs some attention.

“I will not continue [Interstate] 85 in South Carolina is just too deadly,” one said.

“You’re going to be in traffic for at least an hour back,” added another.

Peter Wendland told 7NEWS he no longer takes I-85 to get to Charlotte.

“Since there were so many deaths on that road where they put the falls,” Wendland said. “Now every time we go to visit family near Charlotte, we take Highway 14 to Landrum and then on [U.S] 74 to go to Charlotte.

Governor Henry McMaster is proposing to invest millions of dollars in the next budget to address some of the major issues.

“No infrastructure needs large, one-time transformative investments more than our state‘s roads, bridges, highways and highways,” Governor Henry McMaster said during his 2022 Executive Budget press conference- 23 and ARPA recommendations.

Drivers we spoke to in Greenville said the Pelham Road exit needed attention more.

“It’s very tight,” Markiash Simss said. He takes the Pelham exit every day to get to work. “If they could expand it a bit more, that would be helpful.”

But DOT officials said that because of the expansion project’s current place in the development process, it’s too far to go ahead of schedule.

“We weren’t able to do a significant amount of preliminary design or analysis on this corridor to know exactly what the scope of the work would be, how we would stagger it, what the timeline would be,” the secretary said. Transportation, Christy. Room.

She told 7NEWS that they wanted to focus on projects they to know they can supplement with this funding.

“We have to consider Batesville Road as a possible relief point,” Hall explained. “All these things need to be studied and analyzed and where do we go first? From a delivery perspective, are we targeting the worst of the worst? Or do we start at one end and work our way up? Or do we make several one-off one-off improvements? »

Projects this funding will support include widening Interstate 26 between Columbia and Charleston and I-95 from Georgia.

“Both of these projects are well on their way through a development process and are very well positioned to the point that a one-year funding or a single increase in funding from these one-time funds could accelerate these projects by up to six years.” , says Hall.

As for drivers like Eddie Daniels, who just moved from Myrtle Beach upstate, he said he thinks it’s our side streets that need the love.

“Most of the side roads really need a lot of work,” Daniels said. “The potholes, the paving, some like are real tight places, standing water in many places, and rain like this here, snow and such.”

Secretary Hall added that the DOT also plans to address these issues, focusing on potholes and repaving, as well as bridge repairs and other safety projects with this funding. .

“There are a lot of things to take care of.”

Secretary Hall said there has to be a balance between repairing existing infrastructure and keeping up with the rapid growth of this state.

“And be able to make plans to deal with congestion, delays and economic development needs,” she added. “So it’s important to find that balance and make sure that we use one-time dollars to create transformational opportunities here in the state to really accelerate some important roadwork. “

If you know of an issue that requires attention and would like to report it to the Department of Transportation, click here.

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