Westchester overtakes King / Drew to earn a spot in City Section Open Division title match

King / Drew coach Lloyd Webster called for a timeout, dropping 1 point to 19.1 seconds at Westchester High Gym, where 15 Town Section championship banners are hanging on the wall. A basket sends the Golden Eagles to the City Section Open Division Championship game.

“We had them where they wanted,” said Webster.

The ball had entered Starguard’s Calibra account near the baseline under pressure from Westchester’s Zion Sutton. The ball is now out of bounds.

“He just slipped,” Sutton said.

It was King / Drew’s last chance to confuse the first-seeded comet. TJ Wayne Wright made two free throws for the foul. King / Drew was sentenced for an aggressive foul with five seconds remaining. Webster then resumed technique and Wayne Wright made two more free throws for a 59-54 victory.

“He did a great job, especially in just six games,” Westchester coach Ed Azam said of the season’s five-on-one team, Webster. “I don’t want to play after 20 games.”

Webster said: “It’s tough to win in the Westchester gymnasium.”

Westchester will face Lake Balboa Birmingham at home on Saturday night 11-0 in an attempt to give Azam a record 16th city title. David Elliott scored 25 points.

Wayne Wright led Westchester with 20 points. LaCount scored 25 points in King / Drew and Kosy Akametu added 17. Westchester has won at least 15 baskets thanks to layups or wide open players against the less efficient areas of King / Drew. Despite the advantage, Comet took too many outside shots and lost an eight-point lead at halftime, according to Azam.

“It’s good to have a mask so that my lips cannot be read,” he said.

Westchester players know that another title from City of Azam will join the legendary Willie West of Clen show in most championships at age 16.

“That’s what we think we would get this ring for,” said Wayne Wright.

South Section Championship Games:

Division 1

Colorado’s KJ Simpson was tasked with helping West Hills Chaminade beat Mission Viejo Capistrano Valley 53-49 in the fourth quarter. He finished with 26 points, including 15 in the last 8 minutes.

“He just took control of the game,” said coach Brian Kantwell of Simpson, who had 12 rebounds.

Chaminade won his first title since 1999, when Kantwell was the team’s assistant. He also has a son on this year’s squad. “It’s just awesome and so much fun,” he said.

Division 2AA

Rolling Hills Prep scored 28 points from Benny Giller and 17 points from Kenny Manji to defeat Hacienda Heights Los Altos 67-56. Jazz Gardner scored 21 points and 12 rebounds at Los Altos.

Harvey Kitani was very successful in bringing Fairfax into the power of the City section until his retirement from education, and now stands out for Rolling Hills Prep. His team won four titles in five seasons.

Division 2A

Irvine Clean Luzaran defeated Agura 68-58. KoatKeat finished with 22 points.

Westchester overtakes King / Drew to earn a spot in City Section Open Division title match Source link Westchester overtakes King / Drew to earn a spot in City Section Open Division title match

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