Trotwood budgets for road improvement, financing of broadband in 2022

The budget for personnel costs will increase by 3.4% from 2021 to a total of $ 193,295, Pope said. This overall increase is mainly due to the addition of an internal code enforcement department and custodian, as well as the outsourcing of the Director of Planning and Zoning.

A 2.5% cost of living adjustment will affect the general fund by $ 51,777 for unionized employees and $ 39,603 for non-unionized employees, for a total of $ 91,381.

The budget incorporates three-year collective agreements recently negotiated and reached with the Ohio Patrolman’s Benevolent Association and Patrol Sergeants, which come into effect on January 1.

The two unions will receive a total cost of living allowance of 6% over the term of the contract.

More than $ 4.95 million is budgeted for the city’s capital spending for several projects and purchases, nearly half of which is funded by grants, Pope said. One such project is the sanitary sewer retrofit at Whispering Crossover, which is estimated to cost approximately $ 700,000. Pope said 75% of the costs would be covered by grants, with the remaining 25% to be covered by the city.

The down payment will also cover the purchase of a new medical vehicle for the fire department, at a cost of approximately $ 160,000, as well as the upgrade of the water line at MacMillan Drive. The water pipe project will cost approximately $ 600,000, part of which will be funded by grants.

According to city officials, this is the seventh year in a row that Trotwood has approved a balanced budget in which revenues equal expenses, despite the lingering effects of the pandemic.

“We remain committed to building our cash reserves and expanding our commercial and residential tax base,” said Mayor Mary McDonald. “We certainly anticipated shortfalls in property income and tax revenue due to COVID-19, but we deliberately implemented proactive budget strategies earlier in the year. “

McDonald said that these “proactive budget strategies” included maintaining minimum operational staff levels, eliminating all non-essential expenses and tracking budget centers.

“These strategies have helped us mitigate unforeseen challenges,” said McDonald.

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