The story of two cities: why the expat community of Nairobi lives in a different world

Section of Cycads Estate, Runda. [Fidelis Kabunyi, Stamdard]

The story of two cities: why the expat community of Nairobi lives in a different world

So… Nairobi, our beloved city that once shone in the sun, has been voted the best city on the continent and ranked among the 12 best cities in the world.

The expats who live among us have chosen Nairobi as a city that is easy to navigate, to find very decent accommodation and accommodation, and the cost of living is moderate. And the weather is wonderful.

It seems stranger than fiction to the majority of us who have to endure hours in strangled traffic, mainly because major highways have been closed or are being renovated, to pave the way for the flying juggernaut. above Mlolongo to the affluent Westlands district.

But the city is a nightmare for cyclists and pedestrians who have to make verbal wills, just in case they perish crossing a road, hit by a matatu or a tuk tuk or a boda boda or mules pulling carts loaded with carts. water.

Let’s not even start and review the city during the rainy seasons when the roads are clogged with storm water, and those who live on the edges of large rivers, which usually carry industrial effluents, have to find land. higher to inhabit, or may be subsumed in flooding.

But then, it is possible for the expat community that inhabit the city not to encounter any of those manifestations of decadence that ordinary Kenyans have to go through every day of their lives. After all, in a city with heated swimming pools, most people still don’t have clean water to drink. It is the story of two cities.

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