The end is near for the money: 76% of bank executives surveyed say digital assets – like Bitcoin – will reign in 10 years

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While we’re not ready to rediscover the classic ’80s REM hit, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”, there are warning signs that we may be nearing the end of physical money. as we know it.

According to Deloitte’s global blockchain survey in 2021 Out of more than 1,200 executives in several sectors, including the financial services industry (FSI), 76% of FSI respondents agreed that we will no longer use physical money within 10 years. Instead, they predict that we will be using blockchain and various forms of digital currency.

Additionally, 73% of ISP executives surveyed said they would be at a competitive disadvantage if the industry didn’t start embracing blockchain and digital assets. In case you’re curious, the two largest blockchain-based digital assets by market cap currently are Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively.

“Deloitte’s 2021 Global Blockchain Survey shows that the foundation of banking has fundamentally been overtaken and that players in the financial services industry need to redefine themselves and find innovative ways to create economic growth in the future of the world. ‘money,’ Linda Pawczuk, director, Deloitte Consulting, and global and U.S. leader in blockchain and digital assets, said in a press release.

An example of this disconnect between the ISP and the growing use of programmable money is the recent Twitter announcement that it will now offer. Bitcoin “Tip” for its users. This seemingly innocuous social media novelty is likely to be very disruptive to the ISP in the short and long term.

Although he is not the greatest social media platform in all respects, Twitter has more than 360 million monthly active users. Many of these users are global influencers with a significant number of followers. Thanks to its network effect, it’s reasonable to expect a fairly rapid adoption by influencers and their followers of the free Twitter service to instantly share and send programmable money anywhere in the world.

An accelerated spread of Bitcoin adoption will be a direct result of these free, Twitter-enabled digital payments on its platform, simultaneously accelerating the downfall of physical fiat.

“As the disruption of digital assets rapidly changes the market, global financial services strive to reinvent themselves, building businesses to generate new sources of revenue,” said Richard Walker, Director, Deloitte Consulting and Blockchain Leader of the financial services industry in the United States, in a press release. . “Opportunities for real change in many areas of global financial markets exist for players who explore new ways to harness the power of blockchain technology and digital assets to reinvent their business models. “

If these ways of “reinventing” the tired ISP business model don’t start soon, their inertial recession until it is no longer relevant is almost assured. It’s almost like you can hear REM frontman Michael Stipe warming up his voice for a final ISF encore.

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