“The desire to learn and progress”

Caledonian Football Federation (May 8, 2022) After the failed challenge of the men’s team A in Qatar, New Caledonian hopes of an upcoming participation in a FIFA WORLD CUP (seniors) are now turning to the women’s national team of New Caledonia, which will play from 13 on July 30 in FIJI the Oceanian qualifications. for the FIFA Australia/New Zealand 2023 World Cup. The opportunity for FEDCALFOOT to meet midfielder AURELIE LALIE, who currently lives and plays in mainland France but who should wear the hooded jersey again in July. FEDCALFOOT INTERVIEW.


Women’s coach appointed since the end of last year, MICHEL BERBECHE – also Regional Technical Advisor in charge of Training at the FCF – went to mainland France a month and a half ago, organizing a four days with four players likely to join – next July – the Caledonian women’s group.

Accompanied by the assistant of the Women’s Selection A (Cédric WEJIEME), the two technicians were able to observe these four pre-selected players – including AURELIE LALIE – during several training sessions set up during these four days, the girls also participating in an organized match with the MARIGNANE women’s team (Regional 1), and a meeting with the U15 players.

OFC DRAW: The official draw for the pools of the Oceania competition will take place at the OFC headquarters in Auckland on TUESDAY 10 MAY 2022. Note that New Zealand is one of the two host countries for the next World Cup. FIFA Women’s World: the New Zealanders will not participate in the next qualifiers for the Oceania zone, de facto freeing up a ticket for the other Oceanian nations (given the ultra domination of the “All Whites” during the last OFC campaigns).

From LIFOU – Tribe of LUECILA
Current clubs:
CERC.ML POST. SCHOOL. J FERRY FLEURY (metropolis) | Regional 1
Selection A: participation in the OFC 2018 Qualifications (New Caledonia) for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

FEDCALFOOT: Hello Aurélie, how was this internship in mainland France, organized by the Federation and under the leadership of the new Coach Michel BERBECHE?

AURELIE LALIE: For a first detection internship in metropolitan France, it was encouraging, even if the internship was short and we were only 4 girls. It was not easy to train with four. But it still allowed us to work well together, and we appreciated the work offered by the new coach and his assistant (Michel BERBECHE and Cédric WEJIEME).

FEDCALFOOT: These rather special internship conditions seemed appropriate to you, despite, as you said, a week spent in a select committee?

AURELIE LALIE: The infrastructure was top notch and the logistics were super well organized. For my part, I felt a very warm welcome at the Center de Regain (in Sainte-Tulle, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region). The Center staff was very friendly and smiling. It is an ideal place for gatherings. We are quiet and we can only really focus on football. We really felt good there, apart from a small problem with the heating, but that was quickly resolved (smile).

FEDCALFOOT: How was your first contact with the staff and how did you adapt to the proposed program?

AURELIE LALIE: In terms of the training program and the structure of the Selection put in place, it was adapted to our needs, I think. It gave me a kind of re-oxygenation! It was motivating. There was a presentation of the staff when we arrived at the Center, then the program for the week, and the objectives set too.

This allowed me to better understand the instructions given to lead the girls from the pre-selection towards a more significant evolution in performance and high level requirements. Let’s say “it was square!” (to smile). I enjoyed the way the coach and his assistant led and presented things. We had individual interviews and individual feedback on the matches we played. I understand better thanks to this what the expectations of the staff are and how I can improve my game compared to what I do well or less well during the matches.

FEDCALFOOT: Finally, Aurélie, how was the atmosphere between you girls?

AURELIE LALIE: I appreciated the state of mind of the girls. Having the desire to learn and progress is what is important to us. I was able to put myself at ease and bond with the girls. We had a good understanding between us. Bowling in the middle of the week made it possible to break with football: it creates a little more cohesion between us.

This internship was the basis of a small human adventure which I hope will continue in the future. I would like to warmly thank all the people who, directly or indirectly, participated in the realization of this internship, both through their professional and operational support. And I take this opportunity to say hello to New Caledonia.

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