The CT school where the weight loss camp was held terminates its contract following an investigation

KENT – The private school that leased its facilities to a weight loss camp currently under state investigation said it had severed ties with the camp.

South Kent School, a prep school for boys located near Bulls Bridge Road, said in an email to Hearst Connecticut Media on Monday that it had “terminated all contractual agreements with Camp Shane,” the loss camp of weight currently under investigation by the National Childhood Office and Department of Children and Families. The camp, which closed on July 13, has “ceased all operations on our campus,” the school said in the email.

The camp is not managed by or associated with the South Kent School, according to Sue Harris, the school’s marketing and communications manager.

The two state agencies last week announced an investigation into the camp linked to “concerns about the health, safety and well-being of children enrolled in the youth summer camp.” The departments declined to comment further.

Camp owner David Ettenberg said he shut down operations last week due to understaffing, and a former counselor told Hearst Connecticut she estimated there were around 10 counselors left during the weeks of operation of the camp, leaving only eight when it closes.

An email was sent to parents on July 13 informing them that the camp was closing earlier than expected. The day before an email was sent to parents bluntly informing them that they had to pick up their children from the camp, an 8-year-old girl suffered serious head injuries while playing with other children . It is not known if the incident is related to the investigation and the closure.

The South Kent School said all questions related to Camp Shane should be directed to the camp management team.

“We understand that an investigation is underway and we will cooperate fully with national and local authorities. We have no further comments on the camp at this time, ”the email from Harris said.

In 2019, the camp was located at the Pomfret rectory before moving to Kent. The rectory did not respond to the request for comment.

Records kept on – a child care information website operated by the United Way and “supported by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood” – show inspections and investigations of the camp dating back to 2019. A plan of Corrective action for the various violations was then implemented to resolve the issues.

Ettenberg said last week when moving camp to Connecticut after 52 years in New York City, Camp Shane encountered problems with the state’s regulatory differences.

“Basically we had to start over from the beginning with all the regulations,” he said. “We didn’t know anything, so they said, ‘You need this, you need that.’ We worked on it.

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