The achievable magic of fishing


Trout fishing, standing in the cold, clean waters they ask for, you wave the rod like a magic wand casting a spell – that ten o’clock, two o’clock stroke. You immerse yourself in the serenity, the hum of cicadas, the musical flow of tumultuous waters, sending yourself into that sublime meditative state as your bait lands on the glittering surface like the insect it mimics, and you stop to know if this is your chance. decoy or not.

Or maybe you’re in a boat crashing into that inaccessible fishing hole where the bigger one might hide in the shadows. Or back on shore, glass in hand, the sun shimmering in my eyes; at the end of the dock, studying a float, calculating whether this ripple was careful nibbling or just the breeze.

If you don’t have a fishing rod, DNR sites and state parks often offer free loans, and a local bait shop can advise you on what to put on your line to catch your. favorite prey. The simple nightcrawler is a good bet for a lot of fish that are easier to catch and eat like bass, perch, crappies and crappies.

Prospective anglers over the age of 16 must obtain a general fishing license which can be purchased at MNR websites, many retailers and online at One-day licenses are available just to try (with an upgrade option if you want), and there’s a much cheaper first-time buyer license for anyone who hasn’t had a license in the past. Last 10 years. If you are after the trout, there is an additional buffer required. Want to know where they bite? Consider hiring a local guide.



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