Studio B, Boyertown Announces Grant Award for Project 2022


Art Gallery Studio B announces a grant of $ 3,500 from the Berks County Community Foundation (BCCF) to finance an exhibition and the release of the studio’s 9th book of poetry and prose: “Transforming Moments: Finding Our Voice”. The exhibition and the release of the book are scheduled for June 2022.

“BCCF has been our VIP partner since our opening in 2008. The Foundation has sponsored a variety of studio initiatives and activities involving our entire community – artists and art lovers, other nonprofits, businesses, families, visitors to our community – and deserves credit for the very existence of “the little gallery that does it,” explained Jane Stahl, director of community relations. “We are grateful for their understanding of the importance of the arts in improving the quality of life and the economic vitality of the Boyertown area.

Moments of transformation: finding our voice
The theme of the recent grant-funded exhibition and book was inspired by a “Dear Abby” column titled “Teen Is So Sorry for Unkindness” which Stahl used as a reflective writing assignment in his communication classes. second year.

Sorry Teen in Port Ewen, NY, wrote about what she called a ‘transformative moment’ in her life, once she made a face at an overweight man riding his bike up a steep hill and immediately regretted his nastiness. She wrote: “I still feel bad for what I have done…. He changed my life forever. I am determined to never stereotype anyone again.

“We all have times like this, times after which we’re never the same,” Stahl noted. “Not all moments create regrets, others inspire us or remind us of what is really important,” she added. “Some of these moments immediately recognize to us the revealed truths about life or about ourselves and about the changes favored in our behavior; others take years to see their impact on our decisions and our point of view. But these moments help define us. And so, I can’t wait for our writers to share them with us and I can’t wait for our community to be inspired by them. “

The human library project
Stahl plans to invite community members to share their stories during the three-month exhibit as part of the Human Library Project. Stahl explained, “In Denmark there are libraries where you can ‘borrow’ a person instead of a book to listen to their life story for 30 minutes. The goal is to fight against prejudices.

“Each person has a title like ‘unemployed’, ‘refugee’, ‘bipolar’, for example; but when you listen to the stories, you realize how much you shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover”. This innovative, brilliant and active project exists in fifty countries, ”continued Stahl,“ and can help to better understand each other’s challenges in life, strengthen empathy and increase community cohesion.

“I am starting to ‘recruit’ participants for the project. And so, if you have a “story” to tell, a cause to support, especially one that would enlighten others about a need or reduce suffering, discrimination, stigma and prejudice, please contact me. [email protected]. “

Thank donors
In addition to thanking BCCF, Studio B thanks community members who recently responded to the studio’s annual call letter soliciting donations. “As a community-run gallery, we rely on financial support from the community, from people who realize that art matters. We wouldn’t be here without the support of the community, ”Stahl concluded,“ and welcome donations at any time to continue our efforts. Please contact me to discuss sponsorship of an exhibition or project. “

Studio B, located in the heart of historic Boyertown, is home to the Arts and Activities Alliance, a Building a Better Boyertown committee, a Main Street nonprofit program dedicated to small town revitalization.

Studio B celebrates lifelong learning, creativity and personal involvement in the visual and communication arts and seeks to be a vibrant part of the Boyertown community, a must-see destination for learning, fun and friendship . The studio seeks to present the work of artists in thematic exhibitions – some with jury, others open to all – and welcomes art in various media. In addition to art exhibitions, workshops and classes, Studio B also organizes activities and informal meetings on a variety of topics for small groups or meetings, gallery discussions and ‘Get to Know You’ opportunities. .

Visitors are always welcome to view the changing exhibits; take visual, literary and communication arts courses offered by highly qualified local artists and teachers; and schedule small events or parties in its elegant facilities. The studio proudly collaborates with the many unique businesses in the Boyertown community.


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