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A NUMBER of children attended a special screening of a new Disney movie, along with a bag of Disney merchandise.

Newport Sparkle Charity hosted the event with MediCinema for children with disabilities and/or developmental challenges and their families, where they were treated to a special screening of the new Disney Pixar film Light year.

Archie and dad Chris

Archie and his father Chris at the screening

That day, they were also able to take advantage of the children’s entertainers in the foyer and a bag of goodies from the Walt Disney Company.

The film Light year is the origin story of toy storythe Buzz Lightyear figurine, where, nearly 20 years after the first toy story movie, fans can find out what happened to the “real” Buzz Lightyear who inspired the popular toy in the 1995 film.

South Wales Argus: Zena and her son LoganZena and her son Logan

Logan – and friend – and his mom Zena at the screening

Zena, who attended as a carer, said: “Serennu is our lifeline and our refuge. Our child is autistic and his fascination is toy story. He can talk for hours about Buzz Lightyear, telling you all the facts and stats about him. The second word he said was ‘Buzz’ and it means the world to us to be here tonight.”

Jon Jones, MediCinema’s technical assistant commented. “The children were delighted to see Light year during weeks. It was nice for our families to be part of something as special as this premiere and to see all the kids having so much fun.


Based at the Serennu Children’s Center in Rogerstone, the Serennu MediCinema is just one of six in the UK and the only one of its kind in Wales. With its fully accessible cinema area, equipped with the latest technology and large screen. Serennu is fully supported by the charity Sparkle and is an integrated and holistic children’s centre, providing services for children and young people.

Designed specifically to enable children with complex disabilities to receive treatment, care, information, specialist recreation services and consultations under one roof, eliminating the need to travel to numerous care facilities.

South Wales Argus: Jayden with his Walt Disney Company goodie bagJayden with her Walt Disney Company goodie bag

Jayden with her bag of goodies from The Walt Disney Company

Her services help improve emotional, mental and physical health, reduce feelings of isolation, anxiety and stress, and increase patient resilience. Since its inception in 1999, MediCinema has provided over 300,000 experiences for families, caregivers and loved ones.

Learn more about Sparkle and its centers at
Although more information about Medicinema across the UK can be found at

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