South Louisiana port receives FEMA funding for cybersecurity and GIS

The Port of South Louisiana received $955,339 through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Port Security Grant Program. Funding will be used to improve the Port of South Louisiana’s cybersecurity framework, as well as support enhancements to its Geographic Information System (GIS) that will provide up-to-date spatial information to port security personnel and public safety agencies port. 54 miles of jurisdiction along the lower Mississippi.

As the nation’s largest grain exporter and one of the largest tonnage ports in the Western Hemisphere, the safety and security of the Port of South Louisiana, its staff and its tenants are critical in these times. difficult. The cyber and terrorist threat landscape is rapidly changing and protecting against potential external threats requires rapid monitoring and response. “The trade that takes place along the lower Mississippi at the Port of South Louisiana is closely tied to the national security of the United States,” said Paul Matthews, chief executive. “We are grateful to our federal partners for providing these funds, which will go directly to strengthening continued cyber security protection and helping to prevent an outside threat from causing loss of life, structural devastation or disaster. economic.”

The Port of Louisiana received $695,389 for enhanced cybersecurity. This project includes the following integrated layers of cybersecurity technologies: installation, configuration, initial and ongoing assessment, 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability management and scanning, real-time detection, network remediation, quarterly penetration testing , advanced training, troubleshooting, ransomware decryption, encryption and related functions to protect against technological advancement of cyber terrorist threats. The Port of South Louisiana will contribute 25% for a total project cost of $927,186.

The Port also received $259,950 for Phase 1 of the GIS acquisition. GIS is currently used by the port as a business development tool, to represent available sites in the district as well as adjacent and/or nearby transport infrastructure such as railways, pipelines, water mains. , etc. The investment supports GIS enhancements that will provide up-to-date spatial information via a web viewer to port security personnel and public safety agencies within the 54 miles of port jurisdiction along the lower Mississippi, improving the maritime navigation. significant domain knowledge; Additionally, the project will provide up-to-date information to maintain port-wide risk management for critical infrastructure, transportation and utility networks, and the location of hazardous materials. The Port of South Louisiana will contribute 25% for a total project cost of $346,600.

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