Snohomish County pledges to keep Puget Sound and salmon safe

28 October 2021

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Washington, October 28, 2021 – Snohomish County Director Dave Somers today announced that he has made the Salmon Safe Puget Sound Pledge for Snohomish County.

Salmon populations and the killer whales that depend on them face a continuing decline in Puget Sound. The Salmon Safe organization is currently working with municipalities and landowners around Puget Sound to protect water quality, maintain a healthy watershed and restore habitat. Making this commitment is an important step in Executive Somers’ vision for a sustainable Snohomish County where our quality of life and our economy both thrive.

“From working as a fisheries biologist until today, I have focused on providing common sense solutions to our environmental challenges, including our efforts to protect salmon habitat and ecosystems. natural resources that depend on it, ”said Director Somers. “By making the Salmon Safe Puget Sound pledge, Snohomish County is committed to continuing to improve the water quality of the Salish Sea and to protect the economic and natural resources upon which our quality of life depends.

The pledge solicits the commitment of municipalities to protect water quality and wildlife habitat in the tributaries of Puget Sound.

“As Snohomish County continues to grow, we must take action to protect our natural resources,” said Snohomish County Council Chair Stephanie Wright. “I support Salmon Safe Puget Sound’s commitment and believe it will help rally support across the region for a cleaner Puget Sound and healthier salmon.”

“Along with other local efforts to reduce pollution and restore habitat, Salmon Safe Puget Sound’s commitment will help protect Puget Sound, and the salmon and killer whales that depend on it,” Megan said. Dunn, vice-chair of Snohomish County Council. “Since climate change is the greatest long-term threat to our environment, our quality of life and the health of the community, we all need to take critical action now to address it. “

With many departments in Snohomish County already addressing climate change, sustainability, clean waters and salmon safety, Snohomish County is committed to focusing on the 10 Safe Salmon Pledge actions:

  1. Get involved in your watershed
  2. Commit to restoring habitat on site
  3. Commit to the ecological development of new sites
  4. Plan the site’s climate resilience
  5. Protect water quality during construction
  6. Install rain gardens and other green rainwater infrastructure
  7. Commit to water conservation
  8. Commit to a landscaping without pesticides or low inputs
  9. Engage for the benefit of the community in the planning and operation of the site
  10. Engage in environmental education through your site

The Somers executive also recently announced future spending to support this work. Somers Executive to provide an additional $ 5 million to Surface Water Management Division to address failing culverts preventing salmon from returning to historic spawning grounds and to initiate an estuary restoration project in the estuary by Snohomish. “The Snohomish County Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is delighted to be able to continue salmon recovery efforts with this commitment,” said Snohomish County Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Director Tom Teigen. . “Salmon recovery is a key part of our mission as we work together to tackle climate change, improve agriculture, support healthy salmon populations, outdoor recreation and our precious public spaces. “

“Salmon Safe Puget Sound’s commitment will bring greater attention to the need to keep our air, water and land as clean as possible,” said Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Council member. “The economy of our entire region depends on our ability to be good stewards of our natural resources, including Puget Sound.”

“Across the Puget Sound area, small businesses depend on our natural resources to keep people employed and families fed,” said Sam Low, Snohomish County Council member. “By making the Salmon Safe Puget Sound pledge, Snohomish County can lead by example and help our region maintain its leadership role in environmental conservation.

“Snohomish County needs to continue to focus on our environmental sustainability goals, and the Salmon Safe Puget Sound commitment will help us do that,” said Jared Mead, Snohomish County Council Member. “We know that Puget Sound is the cornerstone of our environmental efforts to save salmon, killer whales and other key species. If we can significantly improve the water quality in Puget Sound, we will have taken an important step towards our environmental responsibilities.

Snohomish County is committed to working with all watershed groups, salmon recovery partners including federal, state, local and tribal governments, the Sustainable Lands Strategy, the Marine Resources Committee, the ‘Snohomish and Stillaguamish Local Integration Organization, Snohomish County Climate Action Committee, and many other stakeholders as we work to implement this commitment and advance collective action of our larger community. Snohomish County will join various local municipalities, including King County and the Town of Shoreline, who have pledged to review their current practices to better protect salmon, killer whales and other creatures that live in, on or around of Puget Sound.

This press release was produced by the Snohomish County Government. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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