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Jen Olson

Emily Nothwehr is escorted by Bennett Smith. TIMES photos by DOLORES CULLEN

A large ship and a backdrop with inflatable dolphins were among the awe-inspiring props set up for the Grand St. Mary’s Ball Walk on Saturday night in the gym.

David Walker, Assistant Professor of Theater at Buena Vista University and Director of Technical Theatrical Productions, with his class, built the cardboard ship and created all of the “Under the Sea” set for the grateful students, their parents and staff. of St. Mary’s.

The walk was followed by dinner and dancing at the BVU Golf Course in Lake Creek. After Prom took place from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Sac City bowling alley.

Professors Jenna Miller and Ethan Krogman lead the big march.

Michelle Arreguin and Liz Almaraz perform a whirlwind in front of the crowd.

Erika Petersen and Steven Domenici.

Ellie Bacon and AJ Rojas pose with their grandparents, left Daryl and Sharon Kuehnast of Humboldt, and right Diane Sorbe of Albert City.

Brittany Vanzzini and Reynaldo Ibarra are joined by Reynaldo’s mother, Catalina Ibarra, after the big walk.

Danika Demers is escorted by Logan Merten.

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