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Admirals Performing Arts Company works ‘9 to 5’

Nancy Anderson, Buyer News

Musical theater students at Farragut High School have been working hard to rehearse an upcoming “9 to 5” production on Tuesday, November 23.

The production is important, with a cast of 40 in addition to 10 technicians. All production, with the exception of lighting, is carried out by students of the Admirals Performing Arts Company.

The management team includes vocal director Mitchell Moore, theater director Tony Wooley, choreographer Elizabeth Plewniak and student director Sophia Cook.

The production will feature a 20-piece student orchestra led by assistant group director Elizabeth Gott.

Mary Claire Carter as Doralee, Meghan Tucker as Violet and Hannah Liske as Judy sing the title song during the closing act during a rehearsal of

The production is faithful to the original made famous in 1980 by Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, who play three hardworking women who live out their fantasy of getting revenge and overthrowing the autocratic boss of the company. Hilarity ensues.

Some of the lead dancers strike a pose on stage during a rehearsal of

The title song, “9 to 5”, was written by Parton.

Farragut High School production stars Mary Claire Carter as Doralee, Meghan Tucker as Violet and Hannah Liske as Judy

Liske as Judy (Jane Fonda) is a powerful singer. She has been taking singing lessons since the age of 8.

An excellent dancer, Bri Booth performs complicated dance steps while singing the title song during a

“I fell in love with the theater during my first drama camp at the age of 8, which prompted me to do all of this. It’s so much fun going on stage and singing on your own, but it’s also scary.

“I think he’s one of my favorite characters I’ve ever done.

Maggie Raines is emcee for a

“It’s a little out of my comfort zone so it’s hard to adjust, but I’m getting there,” Liske said.

Carter talks about playing Doralee Rhodes, famous by Parton, saying, “I’m really excited. It’s a big deal and I’ve watched a lot of Dolly’s interviews because her accent and the way she moves is a big part of who she is. Plus, his character in general is really cool. She does a lot for the community.

Mary Claire Carter, Hannah Liske and Meghan Tucker take notes from vocal director Mitchell Moore during a rehearsal for an upcoming production of

“She’s a very bright spot in this world right now, which is a little dark and sad sometimes. She’s positive and I think that’s really cool. I am really proud to play against Doralee.

The opening sequence features dancers surrounding Mason Cross as Joe does an artistic rendition of

The production will take the stage from Thursday, December 9 to Saturday, December 11 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of Farragut High School.

There will be silent action during each performance to help raise funds for future productions.

Student principal Sophia Cook at a rehearsal of

“These are very expensive productions to make,” Moore said. “We will be holding a number of fundraisers to help fund this production and future ones. We have some great things planned.



Microwave life lessons

Leslie Snow, Buyer News

My mom is standing in front of the microwave, looking puzzled. “I have no idea how long to cook this thing,” she said, holding a frozen chicken in her hands.

“It’s already cooked,” I tell him. “We just need to thaw it.”

“Are you using the defrost setting?” She asks, gesturing with her chicken.

Leslie Snow, News Sentinel columnist.

“You can,” I replied, “but I would just heat it up for five minutes at 30% power. “

“I’ve never done this before,” she said, amazed. “Can you show me?”

I work my magic and press a few buttons. “See? It’s easy,” I said with a smile.

She shakes her head. “I don’t think I can do that. It looks complicated. “

“It’s not complicated,” I assure him, “it’s just imprecise. If it doesn’t thaw the first time, try again.

I hit the start button and we both stand in front of the microwave, watching her dinner go around in circles.

When the microwaves first came out, we were supposed to be able to cook whole meals and even cook them. It doesn’t matter if the meat comes out gray. Never mind that the cakes and eggs explode inside without warning.

The arrival of the microwave was greeted with great fanfare. I was at my friend Evy’s house when her mom first plugged theirs into the wall. I still remember the whole family marveling as we watched a frozen bagel thaw. It was a real miracle at the time.

But now, standing in front of my mom’s microwave, I started to see the problem. The microwave is not for everyone. It is an ambiguous device. It can be packed with cooking instructions, but as far as I know no one reads them. We just guess and check.

How long does it take to make popcorn in the microwave? Until the kernels stop popping.

How long does it take to thaw ground beef? It depends on your method. Anything you cook in the microwave says “Heat times may vary. No one knows how long to cook anything in the microwave.

The oven and stove are much more reliable. You bake a cake at a specific temperature for a specified time. You simmer the rice over low heat for 20 minutes. If you can read a recipe, you know what to do. There is no guesswork involved.

Lately I’ve been contemplating the life lessons of the microwave. It is not easy to make a decision when there is no instruction manual to follow. It’s hard to see a clear path to follow when there are so many options. The other day, I heard myself say to my sister when she was having a hard time making a decision, “There is no right answer. It’s like the microwave. You just guessed.

So many of the choices we make are uncertain. Much of life is just guessing and checking. Try and try again if it doesn’t work the first time.

I tell my mom all this while I try to heat up her Costco chicken. I tell him about the uncertainties of life and how we all want guarantees.

She stares blankly at me as I pontificate, wondering what’s wrong with me. Finally, she said, “Why don’t we put the chicken in the oven at 325?” It will be hot in 45 minutes. “

It turns out that my mom is more of a cook. She likes firm answers and clear choices. The microwave is a device for people who love adventure and love uncertainty. People like me.

Leslie Snow can be contacted at snow [email protected]

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