Secret services participate in investigations leading to arrests

PATERSON – The federal law enforcement agency best known to protect the lives of US Presidents has helped the Paterson Police Department arrest five suspects in three murders in the past two months.

In a series of recent press releases, local authorities said the U.S. Secret Service had worked on investigations that resulted in three arrests in an Oct. 7 homicide on Hamilton Avenue, one arrest in a fatal shooting which occurred on September 11 on East 18th Street and another. arrest in an Aug. 31 murder on Union Avenue. These arrests took place on September 15, 25 and 13.

Local authorities said the Secret Service provided technical assistance during the three investigations, but would not provide more details on what exactly the federal agents did. Authorities would not say whether the Secret Service helped develop evidence against or locate suspects.

Secret Service agents change the license plate of President Donald Trump's vehicle on the eastern front of the U.S. Capitol on Friday, January 20, 2017, in Washington.

Federal law enforcement agencies tend to have the best technology to fight crime, local law enforcement sources said. In contrast, the Paterson Police Department as of June 2020 had only six working street surveillance cameras.

“The United States Secret Service has aided our investigations, when their time and duties permit, by providing technical assistance that is not available to us locally,” said Jorge Morales, senior deputy county prosecutor. Passaic who is in charge of the homicide unit.

“Our success rate in resolving cases is primarily due to the commitment and professionalism of our law enforcement agencies and investigative staff, which are supplemented from time to time by the USSS, as well. than by the US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force, ”Morales added. .

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The involvement of the Secret Service in Paterson’s homicide cases appears to be a new strategy in law enforcement efforts. Paterson Press reviewed press releases from the prosecutor regarding homicide arrests in the city over the past year and could not find any other example in which the Secret Service had been named as a participant until the three recent affairs.

Paterson recorded a 30-year homicide record in 2020 with 27. The city is ahead of that pace with 24 homicides this year.

Authorities would not say whether other cities are receiving the technical assistance the Secret Service has provided to Paterson.

“In practice, the US secret service does not comment on potentially ongoing investigations,” said the agency’s deputy press secretary, Justin Whelan.

Joe Malinconico is editor of Paterson Press.

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