RIVERSPORT offers a free summer camp for foster children and children raised by grandparents

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – RIVERSPORT and Sunbeam Family Services are teaming up to offer a free week of summer camp to children raised by their grandparents, as well as children in foster care.

The outdoor sports camp will accommodate 113 grandchildren from 53 families, as well as 15 foster children.

Kids will enjoy a range of activities including rowing, sailing, outdoor adventure, canoeing and the ultimate outdoor adventure.

“RIVERSPORT camps create access to outdoor recreation and Olympic sports for the youth of the metropolitan area,” said Melanie Borger, director of corporate engagement and youth outreach at RIVERSPORT. “Every child deserves a safe place to play outside, go on the water and connect with nature. We are honored to be able to offer youth programs to Sunbeam and to the many grandparents and foster parents who also deserve a summer break.


A grant from the Outdoor Thrive Outside Foundation funds the free camp experience for all 128 children.

The grant encourages community members to spend time outdoors and aims to develop an outdoor community in Oklahoma City for children who may not have access to outdoor activities or experiences. in nature.

“With the support of the community, Sunbeam helps children and families learn, grow and thrive,” said Sarah Rahhal, CEO of Sunbeam, LCSW IMH-E®.

Sunbeam’s Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program helps grandparents raising their grandchildren without parents at home by providing support groups, assistance with school supplies and more.

Sunbeam is a traditional foster care agency serving Canadian, Cleveland, Grady, Kingfisher, Lincoln, Logan, McClain and Oklahoma counties.

Go to sunbeamfamilyservices.org/give/ donate to Sunbeam.

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