Representative Malliotakis calls for over $ 11 million in funding for Snug Harbor, St. George’s Theater and other district projects

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Representative Nicole Malliotakis has asked for over $ 6 million for various projects in Staten Island and over $ 5 million to fund various projects in the southern Brooklyn part of her district.

Malliotakis’ requests were referred to the House Transport and Infrastructure Committee and the House of Appropriations Committee.

Here is an overview of the funding proposals:

  • Goodhue Center, 304 Prospect Ave., 10301 – $ 494,000 requested for improvements and repairs.
  • Biplane Catherization Lab at Richmond University Medical Center, 355 Bard Ave., 10310 – $ 1,813,000 has been requested to build a biplane catherization lab.
  • Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden, 1000 Richmond Terrace – $ 300,000 has been requested to renovate and modernize the interior of the Music Hall, which was built in 1892.
  • Staten Island Teaching Hospital Integrated Center for Women and Newborns, 475 Seaview Ave., 10305 – $ 2,000,000 has been requested to create a facility to match and improve their maternity and midwifery care.
  • St. George Theater, 35 Hyatt St., 10301 – $ 1,492,560 requested for St. George Theater’s Restoring a Masterpiece.

In addition, a total of $ 2.9 million has been requested by the NYPD for three separate projects: $ 350,000 for training and equipping the K9 Critical Incident Command; $ 2 million for forensic equipment; and $ 550,000 for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

“Members of Congress know their districts better than federal bureaucrats,” Malliotakis (R-Staten Island / South Brooklyn) said.

“By appropriating funds directly for particular projects, it ensures that the money returns to the district where it needs it most. Whether it’s our hospitals that provide critical health care, our nonprofits that deliver essential culture and services, or our NYPD that provides public safety, these organizations play a vital role in our community and need support. after suffering budget cuts over the last year, ”she continued.


Formerly known as Congressional Appropriations, now known as Congressional Directed Spending or Member Designated Projects, they were brought back earlier this year when House Republicans voted by secret ballot to overturn the ban that put an end to the objectives for the last decade.

The ban came in 2011 after postings were linked to corruption and “inflated” spending.

The ban was lifted and measures were put in place, such as the requirement members of Congress publicly disclose posting with a written justification of the funding and indicating that they have no vested financial interest in the project.

The new funding application process was rated as difficult, and due to strict requirements, many projects do not meet the funding criteria.

Each member is entitled to 10 requests and the United States House of Representatives will authorize up to $ 13 billion in allocations for House appropriation bills, for a total of 4,350 allocations for fiscal 2022.


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