Regional airports receive funding for projects

SANDPOINT – The County Commissioner’s Council has allocated $ 541,566 in federal and county money for improvement projects in the airport department.

The former asked the commission to approve a change order for the Sandpoint runway repair project totaling $ 171,650. Funding will come from the ministry’s budget carried over from last year and will be used to continue repairing the airport pavement.

“We removed and replaced approximately 170,000 square feet of runway this summer, and repaired an additional 92,000 square feet,” said Dave Schuck, airport department manager.

Schuck said the ministry has set aside additional funds for the project in case it exceeds the estimated cost of the repairs. Now that the runway repairs have been carried out at a cost close to the estimated cost, the ministry has additional funding that it would like to use to repair more pavements at the airport that are not strictly on the runway or track. traffic.

The board approved funding for the project.

The second point asked the commissioners to approve a grant modification request for the Priest River airport. The request decreases the amount of federal Airport Improvement Program grants by $ 9,312, as the airport was unable to acquire all of the prizes it originally expected to win. AIP grant funds for the Priest River Airport now total $ 370,012.

The commissioners approved the request for modification.

County Commissioners hold a weekly business meeting open to the public at 9 a.m. every Tuesday in the administration building at 1500 Highway 2.

Members of the public are encouraged to speak at public meetings. People can even talk about items not on the agenda at the start of the meeting. Those who wish to attend remotely can do so via Zoom. The meeting can also be streamed live on the Bonner County YouTube channel, where an archive of previous meetings can be viewed.

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