Ocean Alliance (OACM) hoists the first “white flag” on Lake Zurich, representing plastic-free waters in Switzerland, as a model for the whole world.

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Ocean Alliance (OACM) raises the first “white flag” on Lake Zurich, representing plastic-free waters in Switzerland, as a model for the whole world.

Zurich, March 6, 2022 – The Ocean Alliance (OACM), a conglomeration of global organizations and institutions, companies and committed individuals, has raised the first “white flag” on behalf of Switzerland as country with extraordinarily clean waters on the shores of Lake Zurich.

For two days, four OACM-trained divers hand-fished for plastic and litter in Lake Zurich. As expected, the result is pleasing. Only a few kilograms of plastic and waste could be removed from the waters during this period. The stretch of coast in front of the Mythenquai lido on Lake Zurich has therefore been awarded the official OACM quality label, the “white flag”, for sustainably clean waters.

Kristijan Kuravic, President of the OACM and world record holder for deep diving without a mask in the Arctic seas says: “The water in Lake Zurich is one of the cleanest in the world – we congratulate the canton, the city and the citizens for their exemplary behavior in matter of waste and plastic disposal.”

Unfortunately, the situation is very different on many other coasts of the world. Around 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the world’s oceans and rivers every year.

Bernie Ecclestone, OACM Advisory Board Member said: “What OACM and Kristijan are doing is important and needs a lot of support from all of us. Because if we continue like this, by weight in 2050 there will be more plastic and litter in the sea than fish. We must act quickly and efficiently.”

The OACM program envisions removing the worst litter from the coasts of the most affected regions with tens of thousands of divers with the support of hundreds of nations and thus preventing the formation of microplastics over time, which has consequences extremely harmful to us, humans and all living beings. beings in the water.

Taleb Rifai, OACM Board Member and former UNWTO Secretary General, says: “I am personally committed to ensuring that many countries support the OACM SOS program, because if we do not act now, we will cause irreversible damage for generations to come.”

OACM SOS CP – Sustainable Ocean Solutions Conservancy Program – is a unique program to preserve, protect and clean up the oceans based on concrete measures and solutions with the aim of minimizing the current plastic content in the ocean, saving the fragile aquatic and marine life and preserve biodiversity and ecological processes.

Dozens of prominent representatives from business, politics, sport and society, who are also committed to a sustainably clean planet, were present at the ceremony on Lake Zurich on Tuesday evening.

The impressive climax of the event took place at 9 p.m., when 10 divers disembarked from the night waters of Lake Zurich thanks to water images projected on water columns by light artist Gerry Hofstetter and presented the clean water symbol, a white OACM flag, to 10 Swiss children. The flag was then hoisted on the mast of the Mythenquai lido in Zurich, representing clean and sustainable waters for future generations, for which our current actions are essential.

The event in Zurich was supported by:

Green +currently probably the most sustainable and innovative garden system for the home, with 95% water savings compared to conventional gardening.

Capital of GoldenPeaks, is a green energy company and one of the leading owners and manufacturers of sustainable photovoltaic power plants in Eastern Europe. GPC is official partner for Switzerland of the OACM.

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