NSW records 20 deaths, 193 people in intensive care with COVID-19

Another 20 people died of COVID-19 in New South Wales in the 24 hours as of 8 p.m. Friday, down slightly from yesterday’s statewide record of 29 deaths.

A total of 48,768 new cases were recorded during the reporting period.

The number of cases is down from the previous reporting period, when more than 63,000 cases were reported.

Of these new cases, 21,748 were rapid antigen tests (RATs) and 27,020 were PCR tests.

The number of people in hospital with the virus is now 2,576, including 193 in intensive care.

NSW Health said there could be cases where people reported positive RATs over multiple days or people who also had a positive PCR test during the same reporting period.

In the last reporting period, NSW Health said 24.2% of people had received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, but only 8.9% of people aged 5 to 11 had received one dose. .

Among people aged 16 and over, 93.8% received two doses of a vaccine.

On Friday, health authorities predicted NSW would see a plateau in its COVID-19 hospitalizations next week as state figures are “better than the best-case scenario” expected.

New South Wales Premier Perrottet said Friday’s figures were lower than expected as the outbreak led by Omicron took hold last month.

“We are currently tracking both an ICU and hospitalization rate here in NSW better than the best case scenario we published last week,” he said.

“So it’s encouraging, reassuring and enjoyable. The health care system is under pressure in this state, just like it is across the country and around the world as we navigate through this pandemic.”

The New South Wales government has extended rent relief until March 13 for small businesses facing challenges due to COVID-19.

Treasurer Matt Kean said small businesses were the engine of the economy and the government would continue to provide support.

“With staffing shortages and reduced foot traffic, many businesses are struggling right now, but the ability to negotiate rent will give them a buffer so they can keep the lights on now and recover faster,” said he declared.

Commercial and retail tenants are eligible for rent relief if they have annual sales of less than $5 million and continue to meet the JobSaver dropout eligibility criteria or subsidy to micro-enterprises.

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NSW Premier “completely shocked” by Hillsong video.

Hillsong Church has issued an apology after allowing hundreds of people to sing and dance at a youth camp, after New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet said it was ” completely shocked” by the video of the event.

Authorities decided not to fine Hillsong Church for breaking COVID-19 rules, but demanded the singing and dancing stop immediately at the event as NSW Police stepped in to “ensure future compliance” with COVID-19 restrictions.

The video showed hundreds of attendees without masks, singing and dancing inside a large tent with performers on stage.

NSW Police have confirmed Hillsong will not be fined for the event.

Recent changes to public health orders have banned singing and dancing at music festivals, hospitality venues, nightclubs, entertainment facilities and major recreation facilities.

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How to tell your kids about their COVID-19 vaccination

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