North Nashville community to consider how to spend infrastructure funding for the neighborhood

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – A pilot project affecting residents of North Nashville and Bordeaux aims to let community members and stakeholders decide how $ 2 million in infrastructure will be spent.

Area residents are invited to brainstorm from July to October. Then “volunteer budget delegates” with help from Metro staff will take the ideas and review them and develop them into formal proposals between October and December. The proposals will go to a ballot in December where residents aged 14 and over can vote. You do not need to be a registered voter to participate.

Mayor Cooper tweeted about the project on Tuesday, encouraging residents to get involved in the process.

This project is the first time that community members will decide how to spend part of the public budget. As to why it’s this specific neighborhood – the mayor’s office chose North Nashville to re-engage the community, prioritizing historically black colleges, universities and churches.


Criteria for North Nashville and Bordeaux Project Proposals

Ideas must meet certain criteria. They must provide primary benefits to the general public, provide a tangible and permanent benefit that allows wide access to the public, be designed to meet the objectives and achieve the objectives without additional funding beyond the initial investment, must be infrastructure capital, capital improvements or sustainable projects and cost $ 50,000 or more with a life of at least ten years.

To see a map of the areas that are part of the participatory perimeter, Click here.

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