Nonprofit Goal: WebFX and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation


Why do you think it is important for your business to support nonprofit organizations in our region?

As a company, we lead by example, work with integrity and aspire to leave a better world, both inside and outside our neighborhood. In our hometown of Harrisburg, we host regular get-togethers, support local businesses and more. But it’s not just our business. Our team members dedicate time outside of work to the area, volunteer at local non-profit organizations and more. By supporting nonprofit organizations in our area, our company and our team can create additional impact to improve the community in which we love to live, work and play. We are passionate about doing what we can to help make the area we love a better place for everyone. Nonprofits are making a huge difference to everyone’s quality of life, and they’re doing so much creative, high-impact effort in Central PA. The region would not be what it is without their efforts.

Why do you support this particular nonprofit and what does your business do to benefit the organization?

At WebFX, we are goal driven – we are always looking to make a difference for our team and in our local community, while delivering results and creating impact for our clients and their businesses. The Susquehanna River sits right outside the front door of our Harrisburg office and provides us with a fantastic creative backdrop and outlet for weekend recreation. As this river system is the largest feeder to the Chesapeake Bay, we feel collectively responsible for protecting and maintaining the waterways we so often use. We love how the Chesapeake Bay Foundation takes a holistic approach to cleaning up the bay and works to address the fundamental issues with the 50 rivers and streams that flow into the bay. WebFX donates to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Keystone 10 Million Tree Project to plant a tree each time we reach a client goal. To date, we have donated over 2,500 trees along the Capital Region and surrounding greenbelt and have been able to help plant the trees each year. A single deciduous tree can intercept 500 to 750 gallons of water per year, reducing runoff and pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.


Describe your organization and the importance of corporate support in advancing your mission.

The Keystone 10 Million Tree Partnership is a collaborative effort of more than 215 national, regional, state and local agencies, conservation organizations, outdoor enthusiasts, businesses and citizens committed to improving communities, the economy and ecology of Pennsylvania by planting 10 million trees in priority areas across the Commonwealth by the end of 2025. Maintaining the partnership by providing extensive resources and assistance is key to its success at long term until 2025. This is why the partnership continues to provide free trees to all Commonwealth partners based on a regional priority request system. . Tree shelters and stakes are also available in critical regions at no cost as funding is available. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is coordinating the partnership to support Pennsylvania’s efforts to reduce pollution in local rivers and streams and meet its commitment to the regional Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint. Today, more than 27,000 miles of Pennsylvania rivers and streams are damaged by pollution. The Clean Water Blueprint calls for the planting of 96,000 acres of forested buffers across the state from 2015 to 2025. Meeting this massive restoration challenge will take many hands – landowners ready to plant trees, volunteers ready to help , conservation partners that connect them, and funds to make anything possible.

For 2022, what is your greatest need?

The partnership aims to enlist, energize and mobilize volunteer groups and individuals to partner with larger partners and help plant in their local communities. The partnership is planting nearly 500,000 trees by 2022. The successful planting and survival of 10 million trees is critical to the overall success of the program and requires funding for tree protection and stewardship. With this investment, Pennsylvania’s economy will be boosted and the partnership strengthened to grow and plant trees to reach the goal of 10 million trees by 2025. Partnership Accelerates Buffer Zones woodlands along watercourses, particularly along agricultural lands and urban and suburban settings. . We are seeking funding to reach 19,000 landowners who would be willing to restore riparian buffers on their property by the end of 2025. This mix of target areas for trees will have a direct link to human health, strong communities , vibrant farms and a legacy of drinking water for all. With your support, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership will help save the bay. Our goal is to reduce local pollution and create dramatically cleaner waters in Pennsylvania’s rivers and streams and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks to WebFX and all of our Chesapeake Bay Foundation members in the Harrisburg area!

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