Michael Bostock and Eric Bostock Found Guilty in Biggest Ever Post-9/11 GI Bill Fraud

Two California tech school executives, Michael Bostock and Eric Bostock, have pleaded guilty to defrauding the Post-9/11 GI Bill veterans education program out of more than $100 million.

Michael Bostock was the CEO and founder of California Technical Academy, a for-profit technical training school operating at three locations in Southern California. Eric Bostock was the director of student services.

Both Bostocks were considered School Certification Officials (SCOs) by the Department of Veterans Affairs. SCOs track veterans’ enrollment, attendance, and course completion, and also ensure that no more than 85% of students in a class are funded by the VA.

The VA uses data provided by SCOs to account for school tuition, as well as housing and other payments to eligible veterans.

From January 2012 to June 2022, California Technical Academy received more than $32 million in tuition for 1,793 enrolled students, while more than $72 million was paid for veterans’ housing benefits.

The Bostocks, along with the co-conspirators, falsified enrollment, attendance, course completion, and grades. They also incorrectly reported that the veterans had completed their courses.

To cover up the affair, false contact details were provided to regulators, using numbers controlled by the Bostocks and their co-conspirators.

“When regulators called the spoofed phone numbers for information about the CTA, the Bostocks and their co-conspirators were posing as students,” the Justice Department noted.

Overall, the Bostocks defrauded the VA of approximately $104,682,860, the largest known case of 9/11 GI Bill fraud.

“The post-9/11 GI bill was enacted to help our military veterans and their families on behalf of a nation grateful for their service. These frauds drain funds from a vital veterans program and undermine the public confidence in the administration of government,” said Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr.

CTA was part of the California Association of Private Post-Secondary Schools, a coalition of schools that provide specialized training in a condensed period of time to students who already know what career they want to pursue.

“Every industry has bad actors who tarnish the reputation of the vast majority of schools that run lawful and proper programs…I hope the AV will do a thorough analysis of why these people have escaped multiple scrutiny and audits that these programs require,” CAPPS Executive Director Robert Johnson told Military.com.

The Justice Department did not say whether the two men were related, although public records indicate they once shared the same address in Utah, according to Military.com.

Each Bostock faces up to five years in prison, and both will be sentenced at an unspecified future date.

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