Maryland Agency Awards $ 566,000 in MicroGrid Grants

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) awarded $ 566,000 in micro-grid grants to eight organizations to fund feasibility studies, planning and project design.

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Funding comes from the agency Resilient Maryland program, which aims to help eligible organizations and government entities set up micro-grids, resilience hubs, resilient power supply systems and advanced cogeneration (CHP) systems.

“Maryland continues to lead by example by providing funds to help communities and organizations in Maryland address energy resilience through the use of cleaner and renewable energy options,” the May 25 said. Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan.

One of the biggest obstacles to moving projects forward is getting organizational decision-makers to pay for a project’s initial studies, which can be costly, according to the MEA. Micro-grid grants are designed to overcome this barrier so that projects can secure funding and move forward, the agency said.

Microgrid grants go to communities, hospitals, campuses, others

The MEA awarded the City of Frostburg $ 100,000 to study a community micro-grid to serve the city’s infrastructure that includes public safety and potential emergency shelters as well as water and treatment systems used waters.

The micro-grid will primarily consider solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery-powered energy storage systems, as well as an energy management system, according to the state agency.

Learn more about the Maryland program in a special presentation at Microgrid 2021 by Brandon Bowser of the MEA, “Planning for Real-World Resilience for Higher Education: Frostburg State University,” June 3, 11 a.m. Est. Registration is free before June 2.

Baltimore received $ 100,000 to study a micro-network for the city’s downtown municipal campus, which includes 14 buildings providing essential services to the city.

The micro-grid components envisioned are cogeneration, solar PV systems on individual buildings operating under a universal power purchase agreement, electric vehicle charging and battery energy storage, the said. MEA.

Hagerstown Meritus Medical Center will use its $ 100,000 grant to plan a micro-network for its hospital and associated medical campus. The proposed micro-grid may include photovoltaic solar panels and battery energy storage with integrated charging of the electric vehicle, and a cogeneration system to maintain baseline power, according to the MEA.

MEA has awarded the University of Maryland $ 100,000 for a potential micro-network at its central Maryland research and education center in Clarksville. The agricultural research station is considering solar PV, cogeneration, solid and liquid anaerobic digestion to create biogas, and the integration of an energy management system, the national energy agency said.

Possible model for municipal utilities

The MEA gave the city of Williamsport $ 100,000 for the initial planning of a micro-network covering critical operations, such as a water treatment facility, a nursing home community and emergency services.

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Microgrids for hospitals
Hospitals need microgrids, not just back-up generators

Hospitals need a micro-grid to ensure reliable back-up power in times of crisis. Microarrays can power a hospital for weeks or months at a time.

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The city has a municipal utility. MEA said the project could be a model for other municipal utilities, which typically lack the capital to install new network infrastructure.

More modest prizes were awarded to a poultry farm, the Jefferson Ruritan Club and the town of Poolesville, which plans to set up a network of solar photovoltaic nanogrids and battery storage to power street lights and access points. Public Wi-Fi.

The next cycle of the MEA grant program is scheduled to begin in July.

The awarded agency $ 1 million in micro-grid grants last year, the first year of the program.

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