Louisiana ranked among the worst for drinking water

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A new report sheds light on just how polluted Louisiana’s waterways are.

Environment America’s report says Louisiana ranks fourth in the nation for the volume of toxic chemicals found in our waterways. He adds that more than 11,000,000 pounds of toxic chemicals are dumped into our waters.

This can negatively impact humans and wildlife.

“Cancer, developmental harm and reproductive harm,” said Mackenzie Brown of Environment America. It warns what could happen if this water is consumed.

The report also says Denka, a plant in Laplace that produces a chemical found in synthetic rubber, is among the worst.

“They’re a big contributor to water pollution. They’re one of the worst in the state for pollution overall, but also for toxicity-weighted pollutions,” Brown said.

The report also shows how polluted Lake Maurepas is – saying it is the fourth in the country for toxic discharges. Brown says the Mississippi River has had pollution issues for years.

Shamyra Lavigne grew up in St. James Parish, also known in Louisiana as “Cancer Alley” due to the large number of industrial factories emitting pollution into the water. Lavigne says she was always warned about it.

“Growing up, we knew we couldn’t drink tap water. It was a rule in the house,” Lavigne said. “I would hear my mother complaining about the smell of water.”

Years later, it still hasn’t been fixed, and Brown says it’s time to strengthen the Clean Water Act, which governs water pollution.

“Various mechanisms to strengthen the Clean Water Act to reduce exemptions to allow polluters to surround it, and therefore make it more difficult for these companies to use toxic materials in the first place,” is what Brown would like. see done.

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