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The New Year is as fresh as it gets, full of promise and opportunity for those who look forward to whatever awaits them.

New Year’s optimism is kind of how I see fishing as well. The slate is clean. The disappointments are in the rearview mirror. Like the fisherman who sees the next cast as the one to hit the dirt, we see the new year as one that will bring new heights.

Let me say up front that I’m not going to complain about 2021. Some days were better than others (in general and on the water), and all were worth every breath I put into them.

But the adventure that I know 2022 will serve is so enticing just because I think it will be filled with fun.

The beginnings of the new year often prompt columnists to write lists of predictions or past highlights. I have a short list to share today, but first let me know what you consider to be your best fishing experience in 2021 and maybe even your hopes for 2022.

Let us know what you want. What was your best catch last year? What new water do you plan to explore? Who is your favorite fishing buddy? What new technique have you learned? Send me your thoughts to the address listed at the end of this column. I will include them in a future column.

For me, until then, 2021 has been a wonderful year on the water. I didn’t keep a journal to record the highlights, but off the top of my head, I can tell you that I …

¯ Visited some old familiar waters and tried some new tricks.

¯ Bagged up a bunch of big mouths of Lake Conneaut agitated by a hot Sunday in July.

I caught the biggest yellow perch in my life, not on Lake Erie as you would expect, but on the Ohio River.

¯ I pulled a two-foot-long walleye from a weed line in Mosquito Lake.

¯ Wore a brand new Chatterbait on a big mouth biting summer day.

¯ I enjoyed one of the most spectacular smallmouth strikes of my life when a Lake Erie giant burst under my popper.

¯ I had a thrill one morning when the northern pike were more interested in my buzzing toad than the big mouths I was hoping to catch.

Looking back, it’s clear 2021 was pretty cool. I was especially happy to celebrate the publication of my new book, “The Common Angler”, and I was honored to hear from many readers that they enjoyed their reading.

I’ll also be happy to hear from you now on anything that tickles your fishing urge.

Good year!

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