Longview Board Approves Funding Requests for 2018 Bond Projects | Local News

Longview City Council on Thursday approved numerous funding requests related to the 2018 bond package.

A contract for Phase 1 of citywide park improvements – part of the 2018 obligation – was awarded to Heritage Constructors in 2020 for $4.21 million, and a final payment of nearly $180,000 was approved on Thursday.

Parks included in Phase 1 are Lois Jackson, Stamper, Patterson, Spring Creek and McWhorter, and improvements included new parking areas, pavilions, restroom buildings, concessions, playgrounds, lighting , sidewalks, ball diamonds, basketball court surfacing and other miscellaneous work.

An architectural deal worth more than $500,000 with Architects Design Group of Dallas was approved by the council on Thursday for the design, preparation and construction of Fire Station No. 7. The project is also part of the 2018 bond package .

The project, which has received $4.6 million, will see the existing facility at 2811 Gilmer Road replaced with a new two-story one with three appliance bays. It should be around 9,000 square feet.

Also without discussion, the board approved the Longview Fire Department’s request to purchase 49 sets of firefighter personal protective equipment from NAFECO of Alabama for approximately $160,000.

Funds will come from the fire department’s 2022-23 budget and are unrelated to the 2018 obligation.

City information says the additional equipment will provide firefighters with a rescue package that will allow for proper cleaning of equipment following “carcinogenic exposure events” such as structural and vehicle fires.

Also as part of the 2018 obligation, a contract for approximately $912,000 with Edge Office Products of Longview to purchase furniture for the new police headquarters was approved by the board.

Furniture includes standard seats, tables and shelves.

In August, Kevin Chumbley, deputy director of public works, said the police headquarters project was about 65% complete and wouldn’t be ready until next spring. The new facility, which is on South Street across from the existing police department, will be a three-story, 71,300 square foot facility.

And a potential grant application from the US Department of Transportation was also approved by the board on Thursday without discussion. If funds are granted, they will be used to continue construction of the Park Service Trail Master Plan, also known as the shared-use trail/trail system.

The continuation of the trail connection through the city would be resolved by linking the system south of the current trailhead which ends at US 80 west of the 63 spur south of the 281 loop.

City information says the grant “would help develop the best methods to cross US Hwy 80 and the railroad tracks that currently create an east/west barrier, and then continue the trail system south through the Arboretum and the Green, under Hwy .31, pass Stamper Park and continue along the Grace Creek floodplain south to the final terminus at Loop 281.”

The grant has a 20% matching funds requirement if the city’s application is approved, and the grant cannot exceed $1 million.

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