Johnson families clean up after homes flood

JOHNSON, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Some homes in Johnson are no longer habitable after floodwaters seeped inside.

John Albright said he woke up to floodwaters on Thursday morning. The water rose to his chest as he emerged from his home.

“I woke up and bent over my bed and I was like it wasn’t good,” Albright said.

Albright and his wife, Stefany, rushed to lift their four-year-old daughter and they got into their cars until they were rescued.

“I was just trying to get out and be safe, so he put me and the kid on that car and he helped out and got on that one,” Albright said.

The Albright family spent Friday salvaging whatever possessions they could. Their landlord has them all out by Monday so they can start repairs. Now they have to find a new home and clean everything up.

“We don’t have a bed, we have to get these things like that on top of finding a place to stay,” Albright said.

The family is grateful that everyone in their neighborhood is safe.

“It wasn’t a fun time, we’re just happy to be safe, not everything we own is safe, at least we’re alive,” Albright said.

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