Inaugural Leadership Camp for Deaf Youth – A Resounding Success

DEAFinition, a not-for-profit company that provides a range of services and funding opportunities to promote equal access for South Africa’s deaf community, recently held its first leadership camp for thirty school leavers. schools for the deaf.

The three-day leadership camp took place at the Back 2 Basics adventure camp in Grabouw and was led by a team of Deaf facilitators.

“Leadership, teamwork and communication were the three central themes of the camp and were effectively included in activities such as: spider web, burning house, bomber, alphabet plate and small mountain of table,” explained Shubnum Nabbi-Maharaj, Director of DEAFinition.

Each of these activities required leadership, teamwork and communication in order to successfully achieve the desired results of the task. During the leadership camp, learners learned decisiveness, integrity, relationship building, problem solving, reliability, and the ability to teach and guide others.

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“Our first leadership camp was truly amazing. Students learned to work effectively as part of a team and to be responsible for their own thoughts and actions. I strongly believe that this experience will also help them perform better in school and after school. The young people left the camp with new energy and increased self-confidence. This camp has given them hope – hope that there is a future for them, hope that they can have a successful future, hope that there is support and people who believe in them and a sense of community and belonging,” she added.

Although the leadership camp was extremely beneficial for school leavers, DEAFinition believes that deaf students from eighth grade onwards would also greatly benefit from leadership camps and hope to develop a five-year program to achieve this. Following this, their long-term dream is to host a South African national camp for top leaders from across the country.

“There is a huge need for leadership development in schools for the deaf across the country and as such we would like to host more leadership camps nationwide. Western Cape was our pilot camp and next we are planning leadership camps in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. We already have many learners from these regions eager to secure a place for these upcoming camps,” she concluded.

If you would like to sponsor a deaf learner or are able to donate items for goodie bags such as torches, caps and/or bags, contact Mariska de Beer on [email protected] or 087-063-8920.

SSection 18A certificates will be issued for all donations accordingly.

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