iACST – An Instant Stock Market Test For Those Passionate About Their Dream

Each student is passionate about his dream. While many have the privilege of being able to pursue their passion successfully, others simply cannot due to financial constraints.

Each student is passionate about his dream. While many have the privilege of being able to pursue their passion successfully, others simply cannot due to financial constraints. This is where the benefit of a stock market comes into play. The scholarships provide financial assistance to students who are passionate about achieving their career goals.

Aakash runs the Cum Instant Admission Scholarship Test (iACST) which offers up to 90% scholarships to students in grade 7 to 12. iACST is a smart step in the right direction that allows students to take the test in online and provides them with instant stock market details. acquired and the final fees to be paid, thus speeding up the admission process.

With iACST, students can register with Aakash, India’s trusted name in coaching that helps prepare for medical and engineering entrance exams such as NEET and JEE, school exams / advice and other competitive scholarship exams such as NTSE, KVPY and Olympics.


Often, dreams remain elusive in the absence of the means necessary to make them come true. What students need is a platform and a mentor to guide them to envision the path to their dreams. iACST is a small step towards securing a child’s future. Below are just a few of the many reasons why students should choose iACST.

• Gives the possibility of obtaining up to 90% of scholarships

iACST promises students an instant chance to win up to 90% scholarships to further their career goals with Aakash. In addition, it enriches the learning path of these students who, despite their skills, do not have the means to support their educational dreams. This attribute helps bridge the gap by providing financial aid to deserving students.

• Instant entry

iACST is performed daily in online mode. Students can take the test online from the comfort of their own homes on any day of their convenience. Once a student submits the test, he / she instantly receives the details of the scholarship obtained based on his / her performance, which further helps them to be immediately admitted to Aakash and begin their journey to success.

• Helps to gain respect and appreciation based on one’s merit

iACST offers the possibility for students to obtain a scholarship according to their abilities. This allows students to gain respect not only in the eyes of others, but also for themselves. It also shows how sincere and passionate students are towards their goals, thereby gaining respect and appreciation based on their merit.

• Releases financial pressure

Studies show that around 50% of urban families apply for student loans to help their child achieve their career dream. In addition to increasing interest rates on loans, the cost of food, travel, etc. creates financial pressure on parents. iACST helps alleviate the pressure by offering up to 90% tuition fee scholarships.

• Instills a competitive spirit

iACC is a scholarship exam that instills a competitive factor in students. This acts as a motivator to perform better and succeed in the most difficult competitions. It also develops the confidence level of the students.

• Offers an opportunity to be successful with Aakash

In a world where learning is always driven by the fear of exams, iACST offers students the opportunity to succeed and achieve their ultimate goal by developing their skills early under the guidance of highly experienced and well-trained teachers at Aakash. Aakash provides students with a healthy competitive environment with personalized attention. Its innovative teaching methodologies complemented by appropriate mentoring and peer support, comprehensive study materials, doubting sessions, etc. contribute to enriching the academic career of students.

Having said that, since the iACST is performed daily in online mode, students can take the exam online and get the details of the awarded scholarship immediately. iACST speeds up the admissions process, helping students make on-site admission and start preparing under expert guidance and mentorship from Aakash’s experienced faculty.



Class 7e – 12eStudents / Appearances / Successful students


Every day (the student can select the date of his convenience)


10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (The student can log in at any time during the login window on the day of the selected exam)


60 minutes


Online @Home

Registration fees

Rs 200


For admission to the next session:



Considering the large number of aspirants, the level of competition becomes stiff every year. And in this age of fierce competition, among other factors, the key to performing well is proper preparation. By adopting the following study methods, students can effectively prepare for iACST and increase their chances of getting high scholarship.

• Know the program and the exam model

Knowing the exam program and model is the prerequisite for understanding and preparing for the iACST or any exam whatsoever. Below is the syllabus and exam template to help students prepare for the iACST.

iACST - An Instant Stock Market Test For Those Passionate About Their Dream

• Make a study plan

With schools reopening in some parts of the country and online courses in other areas, finding the time to prepare for iACST can be a bit difficult for students. A study plan can keep students organized by helping them set and achieve short-term goals. in right time. Students can dedicate an hour each day to prepare for iACST and plan what needs to be studied, when, and for how long.

• Reinforce fundamental understanding

A good mastery of the subject is imperative to pass the iACST or any other exam. Students should have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of each subject and should be deepened with the theoretical aspects as, as noted, the race is half won if the fundamentals and concepts are crystal clear.

• Focus on NCERT solutions

The iACST exam is prepared with the NCERT curriculum in mind. Thorough reading of NCERT manuals as well as a good understanding of solutions to resolved and unresolved issues is a must for iACST. Aakash NCERT Solutions is a great way to prepare not only for iACST, but also for all competitions based on the NCERT program. The subject is prepared by experienced teachers in simple, easy-to-understand language. Each NCERT question is explained step by step for a thorough understanding. Keynotes after each game with outlines, meaningful equations and all the important points make this an exceptional resource. Students can download it for free by simply following the link here – https://www.aakash.ac.in/ncert-solutions

• Analyze the level of preparation

Solving paper samples and fictitious papers not only identifies strengths and detects weaknesses in advance, but also improves speed and accuracy. It helps to assess the competitive strength of students and gives them a fair and valid idea of ​​whether their preparation is up to par or not.

In today’s fiercely competitive world, being career-oriented starting in the school years helps students look beyond the lines and boxes and decide which exam or institution can help quadruple their base and prepare them for the exams. competitive entry to come. The anxiety to excel and succeed becomes even more intense when the future career path depends on the competition that students must go through to get to one of the best colleges. Given the enormous pressure, knowing your potential and finding the right mentor can help build a solid foundation for a stronger future and move things in the right direction. And the exam that can help you achieve that is the iACST.

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