How to take advantage of Axis Bank’s WhatsApp banking services?


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Axis Bank partners with WhatsApp, a popular messaging app, to provide basic banking services to its customers. This strategy is in line with the Bank’s ideology of “Dil Se Open”, which aims to improve customer focus and convenience through continuous innovation. Axis Bank WhatsApp Banking will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, and will be available to all bank customers and non-customers. As it uses a protected end-to-end encrypted messaging channel, it is completely secure.

How to take advantage of Axis Bank's WhatsApp banking services?

Axis Bank banking services on WhatsApp

Customers can use WhatsApp Banking to communicate with Axis Bank about their banking transactions, as well as receive information such as the location of the nearest branch, ATM or loan center, and request different banking items. They can also use the secure end-to-end encrypted messaging channel to block their credit or debit card.

You can subscribe through the following options:

  • Send Subscribe to Axis WhatsApp Banking via WhatsApp to 7036165000
  • Sending START by SMS to 7036165000
  • Give a missed call to 7036165000

You will receive a welcome message via WhatsApp from Axis Business Account. Once you have subscribed. This will confirm your subscription to the service. To start a session, save the number 7036165000 in your phone contacts and simply send a “Hi” on WhatsApp.
When you start a conversation, you will see a list of services that you can use for WhatsApp Banking.

For the desired banking services, you can also choose from the following options:

1️⃣ Account / Check Services 🏦
2️⃣ Credit card services 💳
3️⃣DF / RD services💰
4️⃣ Loan services 💸
5️⃣ Block credit / debit card 🚫
6️⃣ Pre-approved offers ✅
7️⃣ Locate ATMs / branches 🏧
8️⃣ Request products ✒️
9️⃣ Delete your contributions 📝

Just type in the corresponding option number, for example enter 3 for FD / RD related services and press send.

Fixed deposit

Generate a list of fixed deposits

View details of your FD

Open Express FD


Get your account balance

Generate an account / mini-statements

Order Checkbook, Open KYC Instant Savings Account video

Block debit card

Credit card

Get your unpaid amount, credit limit available

Credit card summary, bill payment details

Block your credit card

More services

Ask us anything

Get pre-approved personal loans in WhatsApp

Ask for our banking products

Locate Axis bank / ATM branches

To stop receiving WhatsApp messages from the bank, send STOP to 7036165000.

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