Governor Wolf Builds on Lead-Free AP Commitment, Announces $168 Million Investment in Water Infrastructure Projects in 13 Counties

Building on his commitment to lead-free PA, Governor Tom Wolf today announced the investment of $168 million for 15 drinking water, wastewater and stormwater projects in 13 counties through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST).

“Making critical investments like those announced today helps revitalize our communities across the Commonwealth,” Governor Wolf said. “Perhaps most importantly, they also play a vital role in fulfilling the commitments we have made as Pennsylvanians to our own environment, honoring our role in cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay tributary region, the restoring our lakes and streams and minimizing our impact on freshwater. waters in all parts of the state.

Funding for these projects comes from a combination of voter-approved public funds, Growing Greener funds, Marcellus Legacy funds, federal grants to PENNVEST from the Environmental Protection Agency, and recycled loan repayments from from previous PENNVEST funding awards. Funds for these projects are disbursed after expenses for the work have been paid and receipts are submitted to PENNVEST for review.

“With more than $10 billion in community investments, PENNVEST has underscored the importance and value of our state revolving loan fund,” Governor Wolf said. “Providing affordable financing for large-scale infrastructure projects has enabled communities in Pennsylvania to grow and rebuild without placing unreasonable financial demands on residents, paving the way for stronger communities and more opportunities. for Pennsylvanians to prosper and prosper.”

A list of project summaries follows:

Drinking water projects

Blair County

  • *Curryville Water Authority – received a loan of $210,790 and a grant of $2,178,210 to install approximately 7,500 feet of water connection and an additional chlorine injection system. The project will provide an interconnection to the municipal authority of Martinsburg, ensuring reliable drinking water for residents of this service area.

Lucerne County

  • * Hazleton City Authority – received a $19,835,000 loan to replace approximately 34,000 feet of distribution system piping and associated water lines. The project will replace aging and deteriorated system components, reduce unaccounted for water losses and improve fire protection capabilities.

Potter County

  • Galeton Borough Authority – received a loan of $353,908 to install new electrical systems, motorized valves and flow meters to provide automatic treated water quality monitoring, alarms and shutdown capability. The project will satisfy a consent order and a corrective action plan from the Department of Environmental Protection to prevent the delivery of improperly treated water to users in the event of malfunctions.

Wastewater projects

Armstrong County

  • ** Freeport Borough – received an $11,000,000 loan to build a new wastewater treatment plant, using sequential batch reactor technology. The project will eliminate untreated or insufficiently treated discharges and current hydraulic overloads that impact Buffalo Creek.

Blair County

  • Northern Blair County Regional Sewer Authority – received a loan of $8,774,181 to replace and/or rehabilitate approximately 5,000 feet of gravity mainline, 10,000 feet of gravity mainline liner and approximately 150 gravity lateral connections. The project will address an existing system beyond its useful life and inflow and infiltration issues.

Center County

  • Moshannon Valley Joint Sewer Authority – received a $2,371,000 loan to replace an existing chlorine gas disinfection system with a dual channel ultraviolet disinfection system. The project will replace infrastructure that has reached the end of its useful life.

Clearfield County

  • **Town of DuBois – received a loan of $57,566,897 and a grant of $4,433,103 to construct a new sewage treatment plant and replace approximately 12,500 feet of sanitary sewers and sewer interceptors . The project will meet the effluent limits required under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

Dauphin County

  • ** Halifax Area Water and Sewer Authority – received a loan of $6,519,652 and a grant of $10,587,348 to construct approximately 13,600 feet of gravity sewers, pump stations and grinder pumps, and approximately 19,800 feet of associated discharge pipes. The project will provide public sewer service to areas currently serviced by failing sewer systems on lots.

Fayette County

  • **North Union Township Municipal Services Authority – received a loan of $10,229,112 to install approximately 55,000 feet of sewer line and four new pump stations. The project will address failing lot systems, illegal discharges and an inadequate private sewage treatment plant.

Indiana County

  • Blairsville Municipal Authority – received a $680,000 loan to restore an existing pump station, serving 1,788 households in the Borough of Blairsville and Township of Burrell. The project will extend the useful life of existing infrastructure and ensure adequate sanitation service for area residents.

Union County

  • Lewis Township – received a $1,648,932 loan and $209,268 grant to rehabilitate and expand an existing wastewater treatment plant with new technology, eliminating a treatment process from the Marsh and Meadow system. The project will decommission faulty subdivision systems throughout the community.

Washington County

  • **Cecil Township Municipal Authority – received a loan of $13,876,149 to construct a new sewage treatment plant, eliminating a collection of wild sewers with currently used environmental landfill locations. The project will provide reliable sewage treatment service for the Village of Lawrence and eliminate raw sewage discharges into tributaries of Chartiers Creek.

Westmoreland County

  • Town of Monessen – received a $2,370,000 loan to replace approximately 3,400 feet of sewer line, reducing overflow incidents. The project will mitigate the potential for human contact with untreated sewage and significantly reduce overflows into the Monongahela River.

Stormwater projects

Philadelphia County

  • ** City of Philadelphia – received an $8,670,000 loan to install 37 stormwater green infrastructure systems, as well as rain gardens and storm drains in the neighborhoods of Packer Park, South Philly, Overbrook, Lawndale and Holmesburg. The project will reduce the volume of untreated water entering local waterways.
  • ** City of Philadelphia – received a $6,825,000 loan to install 34 stormwater green infrastructure systems, plus infiltration trenches and stormwater outlets in neighborhoods of South Philly, Saunders Park, Fairmount and Harrowgate. The project will reduce the volume of stormwater entering the combined sewer system in an environmental justice community.

* denotes projects that have revolving state drinking water funds

** denotes projects funded by state revolving funds for clean water

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