Galloo Island New York State, United States

Steep cliffs, mysterious coves and cool, calm waters

Boasting a wealth of natural beauty, this large and expansive private island in Lake Ontario is approx. 2000 acres, 4.5 miles (7 km) long and up to 1.5 miles (2.5 km) wide. It includes 10 miles (16 km) of diverse shoreline and 3 miles (5 km) of spectacular rugged cliffs reaching up to 60 feet (20 m) in height. The picturesque natural harbor is perfect for mooring the island’s many boats – ideal for exploring the surrounding area. Blessed with sandy beaches along the north coast and a mysterious cove to the northwest, Galloo Island is a haven for nature enthusiasts and hunters. The island is home to around 500 deer and is a true birding paradise, with dozens of Canada geese, all kinds of waterfowl and even wild turkeys. Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of Lake Ontario, the island is also a boon for anglers, with a plentiful supply of salmon, trout, smallmouth bass and walleye pike.


Galloo Island, New York State, Jefferson County, is located on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario, near Kingston (Canada) and Watertown (United States). Galloo is around. 6 miles from the Canadian border and 12 miles from the Americas, conveniently located close (12 miles) to Sackets Harbor, a beautiful town on the American continent offering a Yacht Club, good shopping and excellent dining options.


From the Atlantic, the island is accessible by yacht via the St. Lawrence River. Medium-sized boats can dock in the island’s two natural harbors. Watertown Airport is just 18 miles (23 km) from Galloo airstrip, ideal for private planes. There is also a basic road network throughout the island, which could easily be extended inland.


Currently there are around 500 deer on the island. Galloo is also home to a wide variety of birds, including Canadian geese, ducks, waterfowl, and wild turkeys.


About 45% of the island is forested. The remaining 60% is pasture, with around 300 acres of rich meadows and pastures to the northeast. Besides wild roses, you can find a wide variety of beautiful old trees, including maple, oak, spruce, cedar, and various fruit trees, such as apple and plum. Beautiful water lilies and a variety of aquatic plants add a touch of magic to the freshwater pond.


The lush pastures are capable of feeding a herd of 250 Angus cattle or over 1,000 sheep. Although there is currently no agriculture, Galloo was once used for agriculture. Included with the sale are 4 farm tractors, a hay hoe, a hay baler, a hay rake, a wrapper, a hay wagon, a van, disc plows and more.


In addition to the wide range of water sports (2 motor boats, kayaking) and the possibilities for hunting and fishing, the winding tracks and gravel roads invite for horseback riding, jogging and cycling.


The island has a large renovated pavilion (built in 1889) with 7 bedrooms. Each room is decorated with respect for the flora and fauna of the island. A spacious living room with fireplace exudes comfort and tradition, while the kitchen has every comfort, including a washing machine, dryer, etc. The view from the terrace over the nearby harbor is simply unforgettable. An automatic generator provides electricity, while heating is provided either by wood or kerosene. Propane gas powers the refrigerator and stove and a septic tank is also available. There is no landline on the island, but cell service is good. You will also find a nicely furnished and well equipped guest house. In addition, there is a log cabin, also fully equipped, which was once used by the caretaker. There are a total of 9 other buildings on the property including barns, tool sheds, kennels and garages. Mainland base The sale includes land on the mainland and a boathouse.

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