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About the University of Wenzhou-Kean

Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU), located in Wenzhou, China, one of three Sino-American universities with NYU Shanghai and Duke Kunshan University, is approved by the Ministry of Education of China. Launched in 2012, WKU offers a unique model of higher education in partnership with Kean University, a comprehensive public university in the State of New Jersey accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. WKU covers approximately 500 beautiful acres and currently hosts approximately 3,500 undergraduate students. It is currently experiencing rapid growth, which will bring enrollment to 7,000 students over the next five years. All instructions are in English and all programs are provided by Kean University. In addition to its 18 current undergraduate programs, WKU has been approved by the Department of Education to offer 8 masters programs and 3 doctoral programs. Wenzhou is one of the most dynamic and economically advanced developed cities on the east coast of China, located an hour by plane and just over three hours by high-speed train from Shanghai.

Currently, Wenzhou-Kean University offers the following study programs: Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.), Biotechnology Sciences (MS), Computer Information Systems (MS), Teaching and Curriculum (MA), global management (MBA) and architecture (Mars.); Finance (BS), Accounting (with an emphasis on international standards and practices) (BS), Global Business (BS), Marketing (BS), Management (Business Analytics / Supply Chain & Information Management option) (BS) , Economics (BS), Graphic Design (BFA), Interior Design (BFA), Industrial Design (BID), Architectural Studies (BA), Computer Science (BS), Mathematical Sciences (Data Analytics Option) (BA), Biology ( Cellular and Molecular Option) (BS), Chemistry (BS); Earth Sciences (Environmental Sciences option) (BS); English (English in Global Settings option) (BA); Psychology (General option / Legal psychology option) (BA); and Communication (Public Relations option) (BA). In addition, WKU has a substantial commitment to teaching ESL / EFL.

About the job:

The School of English Studies is looking to fill three tenure-track positions from the site for fall 2022: one in literature (specialist in digital humanities or world literature preferred, but all areas of literature will be considered) , one in rhetoric and composition and / or technical and professional writing, and one in applied linguistics with a particular emphasis on translation and TESL. A tenure-track assistant / associate professor is a full-time 10-month employee who teaches 24 credits per academic year (a course publication is available for developing grant proposals and other significant research initiatives). Tenure-track professors develop and teach courses related to their academic specialty and research interests, in addition to general education courses as needed. Applicants will be expected to participate in the full range of faculty responsibilities including high quality teaching, research, counseling, student learning support, program development, program evaluation, student recruitment and retention, office hours, senior project supervision, internship opportunities, research experience for undergraduates and service to the university and / or professional community. The tenure-track position requires publications in internationally recognized, rigorously peer-reviewed journals on English, Rhetoric and Composition, Linguistics or other closely related topics.

Teaching experience with non-native speakers in a foreign country is highly desirable. Teaching duties and related responsibilities may include daytime, evening, weekend and online classes. Interest or experience in using advanced educational technologies to improve the teaching / learning process is highly desirable. Applicants interested in interdisciplinary education are encouraged to apply.


A doctorate in English, Rhetoric and Composition, or Linguistics is required; ABD can be considered with completion before the effective date of employment. A minimum of two years of teaching experience at a college or university is preferred. Native English speakers or equivalent fluency in English is required.

Application Information:

Consideration of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the positions are filled. Applicants should send a cover letter, CV, statement of teaching philosophy, research statement outlining research interests, past research achievements and future research plans, unofficial transcripts, and electronic contact details of three professional references. Please send all documents to the research committee chair at Three current letters of recommendation are required prior to advancement. Official transcripts for all degrees are required prior to appointment.

Faculty positions at WKU offer:

  • Salary is $ 67,000 to $ 75,000 for assistant professors and $ 73,000 to $ 83.00 for associate professors, depending on qualifications and experience.
  • Full health coverage, university travel up to $ 2,000, housing options and subsidies up to $ 3,000, home travel up to $ 6,000 (2 international round-trip plane tickets) , reimbursement to cover relocation costs up to $ 1,000, a shuttle to campus for work, and up to 8% early retirement benefits based on years of service at the University.
  • WKU tuition fee waiver of up to 80% for spouse / dependent children of teachers for undergraduate programs, and tuition reduction for kindergarten, elementary, middle and secondary private / international schools for children of teachers.
  • A collegial environment.
  • The opportunity to teach high quality students with over a third of WKU graduates admitted to graduate schools at the top 50 universities around the world, and around 60% of its graduates to the top 100 universities around the world.

Background screening:

Wenzhou-Kean University performs background checks on all job applicants upon accepting a conditional offer and may use a third-party administrator to perform background checks.

The rarest and weirdest fish in New Horizons Sun, 09 Jan 2022 17:00:00 +0000

Fishing is a favorite pastime for Animal crossing: new horizons players and villagers alike, but it takes great commitment to catch all the fish in the game. All fish species appear at different rates, and while some can be caught on any day, others never come to the surface. only for limited days. A few fish are so common that finding them at the end of the line can be disappointing. Interestingly, however, some of the rarest and most prized catches in ACNH are also the strangest.

There are 80 different species of fish in Animal crossing: New Horizons, although a few like the frog or the snapping turtle are not technically fish. Each species lives in a certain habitat, the availability of which depends on specific circumstances, such as the season or the weather. Most of the more common fish can be found throughout the day and year, but the rarest CA: New Horizons fish are worth more and are much more elusive.


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Fish species in ACNH mimic their real-world inspirations in design, showing how strange nature can be. The most unique fish in the game are also often the most difficult to collect and record in the Museum. Animal crossing: new horizons players will want to stock up on fish bait before attempting to reel these fish.

ACNH Weird and Uncommon Fish – Napoleonfish

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH Napoleonfish

The Napoleon fish is certainly one of the strangest and most difficult catches of Animal crossing: New Horizons. Based on the napoleon, the napoleon fish has distinctive bumps on the front of the head, prominent lips, and a massive waistline. They are also among the most colorful of Animal crossing, using different shades of blue and green to blend easily into their ocean habitats. Napoleon wrasse only appear during the small window from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. from July to August. While ACNH there are some things wrong about actual fishing, the patience it takes to catch a Napoleon fish is perfect.

The golden trout is a strange fish crossing animals

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH Golden Trout Fish

Unlike Napoleon fish, New Horizons‘the golden trout appear two seasons each year; They are available from March to May and September to November between 4 p.m. and 9 a.m. However, it is their specific habitat needs that make them so hard to find. Golden trout can only be found in rivers on top of cliffs, which resident representatives will need to provide in the design of the islands. Blathers also notes their need for clean water conditions when donating to the museum. True to their name, these trout are as rare as gold and just as valuable, selling for 15,000 bells each.

Sunfish are among the weirdest fish in New Horizons

Animal Crossing: ACNH New Horizons Ocean Sunfish

Even outside of ACNH, pumpkins are nature’s freaks. They can be caught close Animal crossing: new horizons‘Marine Day from July to September between 4 a.m. and 9 p.m. They are colossal, round fish with comically long dorsal and anal fins.

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They are not good swimmers and often float close to the surface of the ocean to catch a few rays. Blathers says they’re relaxed creatures who just love going with the flow of currents. Being sunfish, they can only be brought to the surface during the sunniest times of the day and year.

Strange Fish from Animal Crossing – Barreleye

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH Barrel Fish

The barreleye may be a fish, but it would convincingly pass as an alien from another planet. Like in a sci-fi movie, the barreleye has a see-through head through which it can rotate its eyes and see above itself to follow prey or see potential threats. The barreleye is available year round, but it rarely appears in the ocean late at night in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. Animal crossing The newcomer to the series is incredibly hard to find, but he’s also absolutely a contender for the Strangest Fish.

Saw Shark is one of New Horizons’ most unusual sea creatures

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH Saw Shark Fish

There are a few different sharks in New Horizonsoceans, but the saw shark is one of the strangest and rarest. Those Animal crossing the fish are at the cutting edge of technology, using their long and dangerous saw-shaped heads as weapons and to retrieve their prey. Their unique ability to dig with their saws even prompts Blathers to suggest they should be called out. “shovel-sword sharks”. The saw shark is intimidating at first glance; however, the more courageous players will have to hurry to add this fish to the Museum. The saw shark is only available from June to September at night from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ strangest fish – Arapaima

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH arapaïma fish

Arapaimas are monstrously large fish in Animal crossing, although Flick’s fish models make them look smaller. They are the biggest river fish New Horizons and can only be fished from June to September from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Besides their size and rarity, arapaimas are an ancient species.

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According to Blathers, arapaimas have been around for 100 million years. These living fossils are also carnivorous, eating smaller fish. Perhaps one of their strangest traits, arapaimas not only breathe through their gills like most fish, but also by using an air bladder. Those ACNH the fish are certainly weird, but their unique characteristics make them the perfect river catch.

Mahi-mahi is a weird and brilliant animal crossbreed fish

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH mahi mahi fish

Mahi-mahi are a new species of fish added to New Horizons. These fish appear all day from May to October, but they are indeed one of the rarest species in the game. Animal crossingMahi-mahi are tropical fish that enjoy warm ocean waters, but they only swim in a specific area of ​​an island. Animal crossing Players will have to play patiently near the pier to catch the mahi mahi as they cannot be found anywhere else in the game. The dazzling colors of the mahi mahi make it a remarkable catch and are worth the patience to catch.

Uncommon fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Coelacanth

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH coelacanth fish

Coelacanths are unique to all other fish in the Animal crossing series, and not just because of their excessive amount of fins. This species is ancient, it even once lived among dinosaurs. Coelacanths can be fished all year round in New Horizons, but they are among the rarest. Unlike all the other fish in the series, they can only be hauled up when it is raining. In addition, their strange and fossil design perfectly captures the actual appearance of this rare Animal crossing fish. The fact that they depend on the weather makes them a difficult capture, but also one of the coolest in the game.

Oars are one of Animal Crossing’s unusual fish

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH oarfish

While discussing the strangest fish of Animal crossing: new horizons, one of the most obvious candidates to consider is rowing. It is suggested that many stories of sea monsters were actually sightings of oars due to their otherworldly characteristics and mystery. Their length coupled with their unusual fins and eel-like qualities make them a remarkable addition to every museum on the island. Oars are incredibly rare and can only be found in the ocean between December and May. Animal crossing: new horizons has an impressive collection of fish species, but the promise of catching a particularly rare or strange fish definitely keeps players online.

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The Last of Us Remake may be released in 2022

The Last of Us Remake may be released in 2022

About the Author

Marin plans election for racial equity project spending Sun, 09 Jan 2022 01:22:38 +0000

Marin County plans to hold an election later this year to decide how to spend half of the $ 5 million it has pledged to spend on racial equity projects in 2022.

“I am delighted to present this to your board of directors to involve the county in this type of community development and put trust in the hands of our community members,” Deputy County Administrator Angela Nicholson said on Tuesday, to supervisors.

The $ 5 million the county has earmarked for racial equity projects in 2022 will come from the $ 50.2 million the county expects to receive under the US bailout act 1, $ 9 trillion from President Joe Biden.

Nicholson said half of the $ 5 million will go to funding community-initiated projects, and the remaining $ 2.5 million will go to equity efforts initiated by the county department with particular emphasis on equity projects in low income communities.

Nicholson said applications for funding for community-initiated projects would be accepted by the county in February or March. She said applicants will need to be nonprofit organizations recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt or in partnership with such an organization to be eligible to receive funds.

A fundraising committee will sort the applications received. The county will nominate nine residents to sit on the fundraising committee.

In late spring or early summer, the county plans to allow Marin residents to vote on the applications that will receive a share of the $ 2.5 million.

“In order to do the engagement well, we don’t want to just have the vote on a computer system,” Nicholson said. “We will probably set up voting in each of the five districts as well, for people who do not have access to an online system.”

Nicholson said details such as who would conduct the election, how voter eligibility would be verified and how much the process would cost are still being worked out. She said she envisioned the election being conducted by a non-profit organization, not the county election department.

Registrar of Electors Lynda Roberts said the minimum cost for a special election conducted by her department is $ 10 per voter.

County departments will request a share of the $ 2.5 million to be spent internally as part of the county’s normal budgeting process.

Nicholson said that for community-initiated projects and ministry-initiated projects, the focus will be on spending the money in low-income communities. She said census tracts ranked below the 70th percentile of the Healthy Places Index will be targeted.

The Healthy Places Index, developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, ranks the health of communities based on eight factors: economic, education, transportation, social, neighborhood, housing, clean environment, and access to health care.

Nicholson said most communities in Marin rank above the 90th percentile, but five or six of the county’s census tracts fall below the 70th percentile.

The census tract that covers Marin City, where Marin’s largest concentration of African-American residents live, has healthier community conditions than 35% of other California census tracts, while an area in the San Rafael Canal, where 89% of residents are Latinos, was ranked in the 25th percentile.

Nicholson said no more than 10% of the $ 2.5 million allocated to projects initiated by the ministry would be spent on speakers or training. She said the county would use the money earmarked for its equity office to continue bringing in speakers and conducting training.

Nicholson also announced Tuesday that the county has hired a new equity manager to replace Anyania Muse, who left to join the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in April. The new hire is Jamillah Jordan, who worked as a planner and project manager for MIG, a Berkeley-based consulting firm specializing in town planning, land use planning and community engagement.

Jordan holds a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of California at Los Angeles and has received a Health Culture Fellowship from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Jordan will be paid an annual salary of $ 156,728.

Supervisor Katie Rice noted that the $ 5 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds “are not the only money we spend on equity efforts.”

“We try to apply a fairness lens to everything this county does,” she said.

In May, Marin’s Department of Health and Human Services hired its own equity officer, Elyse Rainey.

Nicholson said the county’s External Racial Equity Planning Committee, a group of 20 residents reviewing the county’s 2017 Racial Equity Action Plan, is close to finalizing recommendations for spending the $ 1, $ 7 million remaining of the $ 2.7 million allocated to racial equity projects in fiscal year 2020-21. The money originally proposed for the sheriff’s department budget was $ 1.7 million of the $ 2.7 million.

Commenting at the supervisors meeting, Damian Morgan, chairman of the Marin City Community Services District board of directors, challenged the composition of the external racial equity planning committee.

“There isn’t a single person who lives in Marin City on this committee,” Morgan said. “It speaks to the hostility the county has had and continues to display with Marin City – hostility, racism at its best.”

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SLM Co. (NASDAQ: SLM) Update on Short-Term Interest Sat, 08 Jan 2022 19:13:07 +0000

SLM Co. (NASDAQ: SLM) was the target of significant growth in overdraft interest during the month of December. As of December 15, there was short interest totaling 4,940,000 shares, an increase of 23.2% over the November 30 total of 4,010,000 shares. Based on an average trading volume of 2,050,000 shares, the day / coverage ratio is currently 2.4 days. About 1.7% of stocks are sold short.

Several institutional investors and hedge funds have recently changed their positions in SLM. Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. acquired a new position in SLM in the second quarter valued at approximately $ 25,000. First Quadrant LP CA acquired a new position in SLM in the third quarter valued at approximately $ 32,000. Advisory Services Network LLC acquired a new position in SLM in the second quarter valued at approximately $ 84,000. LPL Financial LLC acquired a new position in SLM in the third quarter valued at approximately $ 193,000. Finally, M&T Bank Corp acquired a new position in SLM in the second quarter valued at approximately $ 211,000. 95.56% of the shares are held by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

A number of equity analysts recently commented on the stock. Jefferies Financial Group reiterated a “buy” note and set a price target of $ 24.00 on SLM shares in a report released on Thursday, December 30. Credit Suisse Group increased its target price on SLM shares from $ 24.00 to $ 25.00 and gave the company an “outperformance” rating in a Friday October 22nd research note. Royal Bank of Canada raised its price target on SLM shares from $ 20.00 to $ 22.00 and assigned the company an “outperformance” rating in a research note on Friday October 22. Finally, Stephens raised his target price on SLM shares from $ 23.00 to $ 24.00 and assigned the stock an “overweight” rating in a report released on Friday, October 22. One analyst rated the stock with a conservation rating, six issued a buy rating, and another assigned a high buy rating to the stock. Based on data from MarketBeat, the company currently has a consensus rating of “Buy” and a consensus target price of $ 23.61.

(A d)

There aren’t many days left on the calendar… and yet the global semiconductor market has reached $ 466.2 billion – despite the pandemic.

Better yet, the shortage of chips has created huge opportunities for recurring success.

These four tech companies are well positioned to take advantage of this rapidly growing demand.

Actions of GDT traded up $ 0.25 during trading hours on Friday, reaching $ 20.44. The stock had a trading volume of 72,065 shares, compared to its average volume of 1,446,106. The company has a debt to equity ratio of 2.78, a quick ratio of 1.23 and a current ratio of 1. , 23. The company has a 50-day moving average price of $ 18.69 and a 200-day moving average price of $ 18.69. SLM has a 52 week minimum of $ 12.02 and a 52 week maximum of $ 21.40. The company has a market cap of $ 5.99 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 5.67, and a beta of 1.29.

SLM (NASDAQ: SLM) last released its quarterly results on Tuesday, October 19. The credit service provider reported EPS of $ 0.24 for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $ 0.17 by $ 0.07. The company posted revenue of $ 357.52 million in the quarter, compared to analysts’ estimates of $ 342.52 million. SLM had a net margin of 56.48% and a return on equity of 60.87%. In the same quarter of the previous year, the company achieved EPS of $ 0.47. As a group, analysts predict that SLM will post 3.57 EPS for the current fiscal year.

SLM announced that its board of directors launched a share repurchase plan on Wednesday, October 20 that allows the company to repurchase $ 250.00 million of shares. This repurchase authorization allows the credit service provider to buy up to 4.5% of its shares through open market purchases. Share buyback plans are usually a sign that company management believes its shares are undervalued.

The company also recently disclosed a quarterly dividend, which was paid on Wednesday, December 15. Investors of record on Friday, December 3 received a dividend of $ 0.11. The ex-dividend date of this dividend was Thursday, December 2. This represents a dividend of $ 0.44 on an annualized basis and a dividend yield of 2.15%. This is a positive change from SLM’s previous quarterly dividend of $ 0.03. SLM’s dividend payout ratio is currently 12.36%.

About SLM

SLM Corp. deals with the provision and administration of student loans. Its services include private student loans, banking services, college savings services, and insurance services. The company was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Newark, DE.

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This instant news alert was powered by storytelling technology and financial data from MarketBeat to provide readers with the fastest, most accurate reports. This story was reviewed by the MarketBeat editorial team before publication. Please send any questions or comments about this story to [email protected]

Should you invest $ 1,000 in SLM now?

Before you consider BMS, you’ll want to hear this.

MarketBeat tracks Wall Street’s top-rated and top-performing research analysts and the stocks they recommend to their clients on a daily basis. MarketBeat has identified the five stocks that top analysts are quietly asking their clients to buy now before the wider market takes hold … and SLM was not on the list.

While SLM currently has a “Buy” rating among analysts, top-rated analysts believe these five stocks are better bets.

See the 5 actions here

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The Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Lagos officially launches the Alumni Association Sat, 08 Jan 2022 11:10:53 +0000

The seven-person executive committee includes exceptional and high-performing alumni in the field, and was created to help ensure the sustainability of the department and of the students going through the system. The association which will be led by Mr. Tolulope Adeusifounder of Executive One Capital Services Limited and COO of TGM Education and the TG Marchnata group of companies, includes other leading professionals in the field such as Dr Rosemary Omoayena Odunbakuthe Human Settlements Officer of UN-Habitat (Kenya) as Vice-Chair; Dr Folayele Oluyemi Akindejuas Secretary General; Ms. Damilola Odekunle, like Deputy General Secretary ; Mr. Olubola Oluwoleco-founder and COO of Top Rank Images Limited as media and advertising secretary; Mr. Richard Unuigbojeas Assistant Secretary for Media and Publicity; and Ms. Damilola Oluwoas financial secretary.

The association aims to bridge the gap between the institution, professionals and the workplace through initiatives such as support for career preparation, internships and training apprenticeships.

The occasion marked by the presence of Tpl. Olutoyin AyindeNational President of the National Urban Planning Institute (NITP), ably represented by Dr Olanrewaju Kazeem Bakinson fnitpLagos State Section Vice President and Technical Assistant to the Special Adviser on e-GIS and Physical Planning to the Governor of Lagos State, created a special liaison opportunity between former graduates of long-standing and recent graduates. He reminded the latter that they were not alone, and that as members of the association, they would always have a community supporting their career development.

The Acting Head of Department, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Lagos, Associate Professor (Dr) Wale Aladewho conceived the idea of ​​creating an association that could help move the department forward and equip existing students and graduates with important tools to compete globally, expressed gratitude to alumni for their cooperation in making possible launch and also called on all members to contribute to the sustainable progress of the department.

In his address, the newly appointed President, Mr. Tolulope Adeusi noted: “This opportunity is an opportunity for all members to benefit from each other’s experience and network. I have personally witnessed the very ambitious and committed faculty whose courage, hard work and dedication have helped produce brilliant students who have reached heights of achievement and established themselves in the industry. Our collective goal as an association is to make the education offered by this great department and the university even better. Our aim will be to provide a supportive environment for new graduates, young professionals and the academic community, so that collectively we can have a better society, a better student experience and a better learning institute.

Joining the event virtually from Nairobi, Kenya, the appointed Vice President, Dr Rosemary Omoayena Odunbaku, congratulated all the alumni of the department for having become great leaders in their fields. She said, “Even those who do not practice town planning have been able to translate their learning into their respective companies, becoming precursors in the chosen paths. In addition, I would like to congratulate the executive committee and the head of department, Dr Wale Aladefor this remarkable step, confident that we will continue and show the strength and value of this great department.

The event ended with the announcement of donations from alumni association members to wholeheartedly support the organization’s goals and fundraising efforts. The funds, as announced, would be used to equip the university department with state-of-the-art equipment and ensure that it remains the main urban and regional planning institution in the country.

The Clean Water Act authorization rule finalized by the Army Corps Fri, 07 Jan 2022 23:56:06 +0000

On December 27, 2021, the US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) released a Nationwide Licensing Final Rule (NWP) renewing an essential licensing tool for the government and the regulated community. To comply with the Clean Water Act (CWA or the Act), projects with minimal adverse environmental effects may obtain an authorization for the discharge of dredged or fill material into “United States Waters” (WOTUS) by through the Corps’ streamlined PTN process. With this rule, the Corps reissued 40 existing NWPs and one new NWP. These 41 NWPs will be combined with 16 NWPs issued on January 13, 2021 to allow use of the full suite of NWP until March 14, 2026.

Projects that discharge dredged or infill material into wetlands, rivers, streams, and other aquatic features considered to be WOTUS generally must obtain clearance for such discharges from the Corps in the form of a CWA Section 404 permit. Congress has created a streamlined licensing process, including the NWP program, for activities that meet specified requirements designed to ensure that impacts to WOTUS are minimal, such as activities that fall under a specified maximum area impacts on WOTUS. Authorizing a project through a PTN can result in significant time and cost savings compared to authorizing via an individual Section 404 permit. The Corps reports that in fiscal 2018, the average processing time for a standard individual permit application was 264 days, while the average processing time for an NWP permit was 45 days. By adapting projects to limit the impacts on WOTUS and thus qualify for a PTN, project developers can significantly reduce costs and federal authorization times.

For example, NWP 51 permits releases of dredged or fill material into non-tidal waters of the United States associated with the construction, expansion or modification of land-based renewable energy production facilities, including infrastructure to collect solar, wind, biomass or geothermal energy, provided that the dumping of dredged or fill material does not result in the loss of more than ½ acre of non-tidal water from the United States. Other projects, such as residential developments, roads, mining activities, recreational facilities, and commercial and institutional developments may also be eligible for an accelerated permit if the impacts are less than ½ acre and the project meets the others. conditions of the applicable PTN.

In a rule proposal released on September 15, 2020, the Corps proposed to reissue 52 existing NWPs (already released on January 6, 2017) and issue five new NWPs. In a final rule released on January 13, 2021, the Corps reissued 12 of the 52 existing NWPs and four of the proposed new NWPs, as well as terms and conditions and definitions of NWP. On December 27, 2021, the Corps reissued the remaining 40 existing NWP and released the remaining new NWP (NWP 59 for water recovery and reuse facilities). The NWP terms and conditions and definitions published on January 13, 2021, apply to the 41 NWPs reissued or issued in the final rule of December 27, 2021. The 40 existing NWPs replaced by the final rule will expire on February 24, 2022 and the 41 NWPs will take effect. effective February 25, 2022 and will expire March 14, 2026 (the same date that the 16 NWP issued in January 2021 expire).

Key aspects of the 2021 PTNs:

  • Grandfather. Activities previously authorized under the 40 reissued PTNs may continue to be authorized after the expiration date of February 24, 2022 in two scenarios. First, activities which have started (i.e. are under construction) or which are contracted to start on the basis of a PTN generally remain permitted provided the activity is completed within twelve months. the expiration of the PTN. 33 CFR § 330.6 (b). Second, even if an activity has not yet started and is not under contract to begin, a verification letter indicating that an activity is covered by a PTN will remain valid until the expiration date indicated in the letter. whether the PTN is reissued without modification or the activity complies with any modification of the PTN. 33 CFR § 330.6 (a) (3) (ii).

  • NWP 12 trifurcation. The final rule of January 13, 2021 trifurcated the old NWP 12, which allowed utility line activities, into a new NWP 12 limited to petroleum and natural gas pipeline activities, NWP 57 for utility lines activities. electrical and telecommunications utilities, and NWP 58 for utility lines that carry other substances, such as water, sewage, brine, etc. The Corps explained that the trifurcation of NWP 12 into three NWP aims to recognize the differences in how the various types of utility line projects are constructed, the substances they carry, and the different standards and best management practices that help ensure that these NWPs only allow activities that have no more than minimal negative effects on the environment.

  • New NWP in 2021. In addition to the two new NWP utility lines, discussed above, the Corps has promulgated three new NWP: NWP 55 (Seaweed Mariculture Activities), NWP 56 (Fish Mariculture Activities) and NWP 59 (Facilities water recovery and reuse).

  • General mitigation conditions. The final rule changed the compensatory attenuation threshold for streams from 1/10 acre to 3/100 acre. General Condition 23, which deals with mitigation, now includes a compensatory mitigation requirement for stream bed losses in excess of 3/100 acres. According to the Corps, General Condition 23 allows district engineers to determine appropriate mitigation measures for a particular Numerical Weather Prediction activity to ensure that the activity results in minimal adverse environmental effects.

  • NWP 14 (Linear transport projects). The Corps added aisles to the examples of activities covered by NWP 14. This applies broadly to include features that are used by vehicles to move to and from buildings and other facilities, and is not limited to aisles associated with residences with one or more units. The aisles are subject to the same area limits as other linear transport projects authorized by NWP 14, including larger scale linear transport projects (eg, ½ acre of WOTUS losses).

  • NWP 41 (Remodeling of existing drainage and irrigation ditches). The Corps has added irrigation ditches to the types of ditches covered by NWP 41. The purpose of this NWP is to allow dumping of dredged or fill material into WOTUS to reshape existing drainage and irrigation ditches. to improve water quality by reclassifying the drainage or irrigation ditch with side slopes which can reduce erosion, increase vegetation growth in the ditch and increase nutrient uptake by vegetation .

  • WOTUS definition. The preamble to the Dec. 27, 2021 Final Rule referred to the ongoing rule making to change the definition of WOTUS, and stated that PTNs “are not intended to conclude or imply a conclusion or determination regarding the masses. of water that are or are not subject to the jurisdiction of the CWA. “Instead, an NWP indicates that discharges of dredged or fill material into a water body in accordance with the NWP will comply with the CWA because such discharges either” (1) are legally permitted under the CWA (to the extent that the body of water is subject to the CWA jurisdiction) or (2) are otherwise compatible with the CWA to the extent that the body of water is not jurisdictional under the CWA. Corps notes that it is not necessary to formally determine whether a particular wetland or water is under the jurisdiction of the CWA before issuing a Numerical Weather Forecast check, and that many project proponents prefer save time by receiving a numerical weather prediction check without spending time and resources for a formal and final jurisdictional determination.

  • Endangered Species Act Compliance. NWP regulations at 33 CFR § 330.4 (f) and general condition NWP 18 require non-federal licensees to submit pre-construction notifications for any activity that “may” affect listed species or designated critical habitat. An activity that triggers a pre-construction notification under general condition 18 is not authorized by an NWP until the Corps has determined that the project will have “no effect” on any listed species or. critical habitat identified or will not have completed the consultation of Section 7 of the ESA.

Copyright © 2022, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP. All rights reserved.National Law Review, Volume XII, Number 7

William F. Dixon Fri, 07 Jan 2022 18:35:11 +0000

Fairlea-William F. “Lindburgh” Dixon, 94, passed away with his children by his side on Thursday, December 30, 2021.

Bill was born November 18, 1927 in Sunlight, WV, to the late Arthur G. and Mary Virginia Bare Dixon.

In addition to his parents, Bill was predeceased by his wife, Mary Jo Gee Dixon; a young son, William Earl; two brothers, Junior and Laddie Dixon; five sisters, BC Gwinn, Sally Lee Omdstead, Lola Ray Viers, Lawanda Viers and Mary Virginia Reynolds.

Bill graduated from the Williamsburg High School class of 1943. He served in the US Navy from 1945 to 1947, graduated from the Frame Refrigeration & Electrical Institute, and married the love of his life, Mary Jo Gee, on the 27th. May 1950. He moved to Fairlea in 1951 and founded Dixon Refrigeration and Heating. He was a Lennox dealer, had been a member of the Fairlea Ruritan Club for 50 years, Little League coach and Boy Scout leader. He was a member of the Fairlea Fire and Rescue Service, a founding member of the Greenbrier East Booster Club and a member of the Greenbrier County Farm Bureau for 40 years. He helped build the Greenbrier County Youth Camp and served as a principal for 30 years.

Bill was a 50 year old member of Greenbrier Lodge # 42 AF&AM. He attended Trinity United Methodist Church in Ronceverte for many years. He loved the outdoors, especially trout fishing in Yellowstone National Park. In 1985, he won a Big Buck competition in West Virginia.

Survivors include her son, Michael W. Dixon (Susan) of Caldwell; daughter, Brenda Dixon Gabbert of Alderson; daughter, Ginger Dixon Morgan (Rodney) of Lewisburg; four grandsons, Trent (Kerry) Gabbert, Aaron Gabbert (Jenna), Neil Dixon (Gabrielle) and Dr Scott Dixon (Dr Jordan); three granddaughters, Lindsey Gabbert Flach (Michael), Kinsey Morgan (Eric) and Kourtney Morgan; nine great-grandsons, Henry, William, John and Sam Gabbert, Cameron Gabbert, Michael D. Flach, Rhett and Wells Dixon, Emmett Dixon and one great-grandson en route; four great-granddaughters: Ainsley and Caroline Flach, Delaney Gabbert and Josie Schroder; two sisters, Edna Cochran and Sally Blankenship; two brothers, Frank Dixon and Sam Bare; two sisters-in-law, Christina Dixon and Bonnie Cooper Gee. He is also survived by many cousins ​​and friends.

We can honestly say that Dad lived a life we ​​all wish we had. He was loved by his great-grandchildren, grandchildren and children, and just about everyone he touched. If you were lucky enough to be bullied, he liked you. Otherwise, he wasn’t afraid to let you know. For 93 years, he did just about anything he wanted to do with a big family and many good friends.

The funeral was held on Monday January 3 at Trinity United Methodist Church in Ronceverte where Pastor Joe Geiger served. Military honors were bestowed by the Honor Guard at Post 26 of the American Legion.

The visit took place at the church before the service.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for donations to be made to Trinity United Methodist Church, Building Fund, 373 Pocahontas Ave. Ronceverte WV 24970.

Wallace & Wallace Funeral Home in Lewisburg is in charge of the arrangements.

Please send your condolences online by visiting

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50 Cape Cod, Islands Cultural Programs, Events Win Local and State Grants Fri, 07 Jan 2022 10:45:03 +0000

Dozens of Cape Cod cultural organizations are starting the year a little better funded thanks to recent award announcements by the Cape Cod Foundation for the Arts and the Mass Cultural Council.

The Cape Foundation has selected 42 nonprofit cultural organizations and artists to receive a total of $ 77,800 in grants for a wide variety of programs, Monday’s announcement noting that this is the sixth consecutive year that the grant amount increases. Last year’s total was $ 51,500 in grants to 16 organizations.

Executive Director Julie Wake said the aid was “critical” not only for the cultural enrichment of the region, but for “healing, connection and access to people of all backgrounds and abilities” during this time. difficult.

“This is funding that is needed by an industry which is vital to our economy and which still faces the negative impacts of the pandemic,” she said in a written statement. “We look forward to standing alongside our fellow arts organizations and artists as we take meaningful steps to address these impacts and move towards a long-term, sustainable recovery for our industry. “

Michael Bobbitt, executive director of the Mass Cultural Council, placed a similar focus on how art can help during the pandemic by announcing a total of $ 148,000 in festival-focused grants for 99 events statewide. Eight organizations in the Cape and Islands received $ 12,000 of this money, with individual festival grants increasing from $ 500 to $ 1,500 each this year.