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Buffett Throws $ 800 Million From Apple, Buy This Instead!

Through Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett recently threw away $ 800 million in Apple stock… and bought it instead!

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A d Oxford Club

64% of Americans believe THIS!

Is Wall Street rigged in favor of the rich? O’Reilly grills invests the legend that reveals the dirtiest secret of Wall Streets …

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A d Summary of resource stock

$ 1.7 trillion clean energy mandate to generate inventory gains in 2021

Newly created stock millionaires will be doing a tour de force in 2021 by getting early on certain green energy stocks. This US $ 0.25 share has just taken control of an ultra-rare clean energy metal America needs to lead the green energy revolution.

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Free report: 3 cryptos to beat Bitcoin

Coinbase’s IPO was one of the biggest tech IPOs in history. Experts believe this could trigger a massive wave of cryptocurrency investments… Some tokens could see their value explode! Matt McCall – one of America’s top crypto analysts – just named 3 tokens he thinks people should own as a result of Coinbase’s IPO.

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A d MarketBeat

30 days of MarketBeat All Access for $ 1.00

Access our leading research platform which includes MarketBeat Daily Premium, portfolio monitoring tools, stock filters, research tools, real-time news feed, email and SMS alerts, MarketBeat idea engine, proprietary brokerage rankings, extensive data export tools and more.

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A d Invest daily

We shoot 69% / year – no margins, options or gimmicks

I only buy one type of stock. 37 of those cash cows are in my wallet right now … and for every dollar invested in them, they send us 69 cents in dividends. That’s an effective return of 69% per year, every year. All without leverage, options or gimmicks.

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