Emerald Youth summer programs bringing children back to normal after an unusual school year

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – For most students in East Tennessee, this week marks the end of the school year, which means the fun of summer camps begins. The Emerald Youth Foundation says it hopes to bring the kids together with friends and have fun.

Children can choose from athletic programs, a day camp, and a college and career program. Vice President of Program Development Chrystal Armstrong-Brown hopes these summer programs will help children build relationships.

“In all of our programs, we build relationships and discipleship with young people. Pray for them, walk with them in the long term, ”Armstrong-Brown said.

The Emerald Youth Foundation has helped thousands of children build these relationships after a year of separation.

“We’ll have some academic focus and focus on things around learning loss, so we’re aware of that, but it’s so important for our young people to have fun and relax and have those experiences to create memories for a lifetime, ”said Armstrong-Marron.

Shauna Lawson says it’s good to have a place to send her kids over the summer.

“My kids love it. It’s a great program and being able to send your kids every day, all day long to a program and people you trust. Because they treat your kids like they’re their own kids, ”Lawson said.

His fifth-grade son, Noah, is counting the days until summer programs start. He is registered for basketball and football.

“It’s reassuring to be able to send your kids and to know that there will be people you can trust, because I mean these are my babies that I wouldn’t trust them with,” Lawson said.

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