Elizabethtown Council Agrees $ 2 Million Grant Application Part of $ 47.6 Million Regional Wastewater Treatment System

ELIZABETHTOWN – City Council unanimously authorized the filing of an application for a Community Development Block Grant – Infrastructure funding that would be used for the regional sewer project at a special meeting held virtually Thursday afternoon .

The vote was 5-0 to submit the candidacy.

City Councilor Ricky Leinwand was not present.

City Manager Dane Rideout, who urged council to approve the resolution during the 10-minute meeting, said EL Robinson Engineering of Raleigh had been hired to manage the regional wastewater treatment project.

“One of the reasons we sued them, one of the best reasons we asked them,” Rideout told board members ahead of the vote, “they were able to move quickly on my community block grant CDBG – infrastructure grant. And, of course, as you know, CDBG grants are aimed at low to moderate income. This project that we are running, we estimate that at the regional level about 40% will apply to people who belong to this category.

“We’ve been working with them for three weeks,” he said of the engineering company. “Since we approved them, they’ve put this in place. We literally have a deadline of 4 p.m. today, and we’re going to get this thing to Raleigh, if it’s approved by the board.

The application on behalf of the city calls for a grant of $ 2 million, Rideout said, adding that the funding would be in addition to what he believes is an allocation from the state budget for the “expansion room.” proposed.

“It’s for rehabilitation, and honestly, to pay for engineering services,” Rideout said. “And the $ 13 million will be for expansion. That’s the two differences with that. It’s good news. If we are successful in achieving this, it means that we will invest about $ 15 million in the Elizabethtown wastewater treatment system, and this through grants so that we do not have to take advantage of them by through a bond or an increase in tariffs for our citizens.

Part of the application process is the resolution, according to Rideout.

“Elizabethtown and Bladen County are pursuing a regional wastewater treatment system project,” the city said in a description of the project. “The project includes the repair, modernization and expansion of the Elizabethtown wastewater treatment plant and the construction of the City of Dublin, Bladenboro, (Phase 1) White Lake (Phase 2) and the development of Baytree Lakes wastewater transmission system (Phase 3). “

The preliminary estimated capital cost of the repair, modernization and expansion of the Elizabethtown Wastewater Treatment Plant and White Lake, Bladenboro and Baytree Lakes Wastewater Transmission System is 47,650 $ 000, the city said.

On Monday, a follow-up public hearing is scheduled for the CDBG-I community grant. But Rideout noted that the public hearing did not need to be part of the original submission.

“And then we’re part of the game of waiting for the federal government to approve,” he said. “It’s about getting other people’s money. I strongly recommend that the Board of Directors support this resolution so that we can submit this request today. “

Councilor Herman Lewis then moved the approval motion, which was seconded by Councilor Howell Clark.

No one from the general public has submitted prepared comments for the accompanying open forum on grant funding.

According to the city’s resolution, “The City of Elizabethtown needs and intends to construct and upgrade a wastewater treatment project described as the replacement of an outdated and over 30 years old treatment facility. 40 years to include general demolition; replacement of all head structures to include a new equalization basin, a new bar screen, a new screw pump, a new sand trap and new electrical wiring; new blower motors, new diffuser piping; replacement of the emergency generator; construction of new sludge drying beds and a sludge press; removal of obsolete aeration basins and (city) clarifiers; and the installation of a new SBR processing unit.

The batch sequencing reactor is an activated sludge filling and withdrawal system for water treatment. In this system, wastewater is added to a single batch reactor, treated to remove unwanted components, and then released, Internet sources said.

This story is written by Michael Futch of the Bladen Journal. Contact him at 910-247-9133 or [email protected]

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