Earthjustice Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union Address

washington d.c.

Today, President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address. Following the speech, Abigail Dillen, President of Earthjustice issued the following statement:

“Tonight, the President presented a powerful vision for the country and for defending democracy in unity with allies around the world, and we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their quest for freedom. What cannot be lost right now is the climate emergency we are all facing. In the wake of a disastrous IPCC report on rampant climate change and major economic and social upheavals to come, we must stop acting as if climate action can wait. It is essential that President Biden use all the power and influence of his office to address the climate crisis and pollution.

“We are thrilled that President Biden mentioned the urgent need to address access to safe drinking water by replacing toxic lead pipes, to reduce energy costs for all Americans by accelerating our transition to clean energy and rapidly expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure to communities across the country. And the federal government must do more to deal with this moment. Above all, President Biden must work with Congress to finally pass reconciliation legislation that responds to the moment on climate and environmental justice before the opportunity is lost. We need to accelerate the ongoing transition to clean energy that can make our communities much healthier while lowering bills and creating new jobs.

“Over the coming year, the Biden administration must act quickly to reverse the Trump administration’s disastrous environmental decisions and quickly execute plans to clean up our energy and transportation sectors, protect communities from air pollution and toxic chemicals like lead, PFAS and pesticides. , and save valuable time by reducing methane emissions. It must mandate the protection of our public lands and waters, harness natural climate solutions, and stop auctioning off our public lands and waters to the highest bidders to mine and drill them.

“President Biden has the ability to leave an unprecedented legacy of leadership when it comes to meaningfully addressing the climate crisis, moving us away from fossil fuels, and finally taking action to address racism and to environmental injustice in this country. While there is much to congratulate, there is still too much to do, and we will push the Biden administration, in court if necessary, to deliver on its promises to act in time.”

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