Duke to raise minimum wage for students and employees starting July 1

It’s been eight months since the Karsh Financial Support Office said it planned to move all rotational positions to the minimum wage of $15 an hour, and the pay raise is now imminent.

Effective July 1, the minimum wage for general student job postings will increase to $15 per hour, a jump from the baseline of $10.50 currently set by the Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support. The minimum wage for skilled student jobs will increase to $16 per hour from the current rate of $11.50.

Maximum wages will also increase, with general assistant positions rising from $16.50 to $19.50 per hour and specialist assistant positions rising from $19.50 to $22.50 per hour. A full outline of the proposed changes can be found in a memo obtained by The Chronicle, sent by Kimberley Harris, Associate Vice Provost and Director of University Human Resources Services, to various deans, directors and program heads in December 2021.

Student pay rates are determined based on the category to which a given position belongs. The first category, “Student Assistants: General,” includes administrative support, service workers, general library support, and program support. The second category, “Student assistants: specialized”, includes advanced tutors, research assistants and students performing advanced technical or computer tasks.

Work-study students for the summer semester I will still be paid between $10.25 and $16.25 per hour for general positions and between $11.25 and $19.25 per hour for specialized positions, according to audit notices from the Karsh Office. Summer session I ends on June 23, about a week before the new minimum wage comes into effect.

Employee Minimum Wage Increases

Employee minimum wage will now also increase to $17 an hour for all eligible Duke employees, according to a press release. The new salary will take effect on June 1.

The minimum wage for eligible Duke employees and full-time contractors is currently $15 per hour, a wage that was set in 2019. The federal and state minimum wage is $7.25 per hour .

The new salary applies to all eligible “regular university and health system personnel”, meaning those who work at least 20 hours a week, 36 weeks a year. This covers 3,100 Duke personnel. Since students cannot work more than 19.9 hours per week, they are awarded the base salary of $15.

The press release states that positions covered by a collective agreement “will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the contract”.

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