Drain campaign educates boaters about invasive species

When it starts June 4-6, Wisconsin Annual Drainage campaign align with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Free Fishing Weekend and Invasive species Months of action.

It is essential for boaters to drain all the water of their boats and equipment before leaving one lake or river and heading for another. Drainage helps prevent spread diseases such as viral hemorrhagic septicemia and the microscopic larvae of invasive species such as zebra mussels. Drain and flushing a boat engine – especially if it is rarely used – also reduces the risk of these larvae clogging the engine intake.

Every year, Clean boats, clean waters (CBCW) Boat inspectors are at launches statewide to remind fishermen and boaters of state water drainage law prevention effort. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Provides Funding for Door County to Hire aquatic invasive species staff who also support the CBCW program.

Ice Your Catch from the Drain campaign ice pack supplies will be available for safe distribution during launches this year, but the quantities will be more limited due to supply issues due to a pandemic.

To learn more about the effects of invasive species on Wisconsin’s waters and economy, visit dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/Invasives.

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