DJ Reader loves Line Youth; Big Willie Tours

DJ Reader, the devastating tackle for the Bengals (see AFC Tennessee Division), credits the youthfulness of the defensive line with invigorating things up front this training camp.

And, after some one-on-one pass rush drills earlier in the week, it’s clear that Reader picked up where he left off and that looked like the best nose tackle in the NFL.

“As far as my position and my place, I feel like I’m the best. Of course,” Reader said ahead of Thursday’s practice. “I think I’ve proven that throughout my career. I know there are guys who think they’re the best and they should feel that.”

At 28, Reader can’t believe he’s the oldest defensive starter, but that’s how it sits on a line that basically has two more rookies in Joseph Ossai and Wyatt Hubert, two draft picks. of 2021 who have missed seasons due to injury.

They join 2022 third-rounder Zach Carter, a Florida tackle, and seventh-rounder Jeffrey Gunter, a Coastal Carolina advantage, as well as CFA Tariqous Tisdale, a Mississippi tackle. Throw in last year’s fourth round Cam Sample, which played most of its 310 shots on the edge, and Reader likes what they do.

“It’s a good band. It’s fun,” Reader said. “We have a lot of young guys in our room and that gives you a lot of energy. Zach has a good camp. Jeff has a good camp. Tisdale, all these boys have a good camp. They’re eager to learn. Then you have sophomore guys like Cam, Joseph and Wyatt… It’s fun to be with the young legs. They have a lot of jokes. It’s a good atmosphere.

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