Divers search Fort Worth waters in hopes of solving cold cases – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Could the answers to missing persons and cold cases be found in the waters of North Texas?

That’s a question a group of volunteers and police may soon be answering as divers scour the lakes around Fort Worth this week.

Adventures With Purpose, an Oregon-based sonar and recovery team, travels the country doing dives to help clean up the waters but also to help resolve cases.

On Tuesday, their group of divers teamed up with the Fort Worth Police Department to search Lake Como.

As the volunteers dove below the surface, Rusty Arnold watched from the shore of the lake.

Her sister and two friends disappeared from a Fort Worth shopping center just before Christmas 1974. The disappearance has haunted their families and the community for decades.

Operations like this latest effort keep him alive.

“There is hope,” said Arnold. “When a car comes out of the water, you don’t know what’s in it. You have to turn this stone over.”

Fort Worth Police have teamed up with the volunteers so divers can discover vehicles, police can check to see if they are related to unresolved cases.

“It’s one of our main reasons to be involved here,” said Fort Worth Police spokesperson Buddy Calzada. “We want to help our citizens solve some cases and close their cases.”

In the past 18 months, Adventures With Purpose said it has helped resolve 12 cold cases.

“They say that even when we don’t find a lost loved one, we still give them answers because we come looking and show them where their family isn’t,” Jared Leisek said with Adventures With Purpose.

Arnold took a week off to attend all of the organization’s dives this week.

“Every time they pull a car I want to see because there is a chance,” said Arnold. “I just hope if it’s not ours, someone else’s problem can be solved. Someone else’s mystery can be solved. There are a lot of missing people out there- low.”

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