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Depoe Bay has requested approximately $ 332,000 in American Rescue Plan Act grant funds to help improve the city’s water infrastructure by contributing to a project that will help rehabilitate two city-owned wells and connect them to its existing water supply system.

Depoe Bay City Council, at its Tuesday night meeting, considered and approved a resolution allowing staff to create a report on the use of funds and accept the funds when they are allocated.

According to City Recorder Barbara Chestler, city staff found and applied for the grant due to ongoing drought issues in the county and needed something on the books to show where the money would be spent once awarded.

The exact details of the project are still ongoing, although it is planned to use the entire grant amount with additional capital improvement funds provided by the city. A draft of the project was provided with the meeting agenda.

The project would start by establishing the scope, schedule and budget for the improvements and coordinate with the Oregon Department of Environmental Control to secure the permits. The next step would be to perform water quality testing, initial pumping tests, and long-term pumping tests on both wells.

The project would then examine the existing conditions of the well, determining what still works and what will need to be replaced or improved, which could include pump valves, pipes, electronics or buildings. Then the necessary engineering would be done for the facilities, as well as work to determine how the wells should be connected to the city’s water system. After that, construction would begin and the project would end with final pump testing and certification.

Currently, the city does not have an estimate of the overall cost of the project.

Depoe Bay Public Works Manager Brady Wiedner noted that this would likely be the best choice to connect the new water sources in the same pipe as the Rocky Creek water, so that it can be treated.

Councilor Lindsy Bedingfield expressed concern about how the project would fit into the city’s overall capital improvement plan and how it would link to other city water and sewer projects. Mayor Kathy Short noted that the city found a grant for the project and applied for it after concerns arose over the ongoing drought in the county.

Bedingfield raised additional concerns about how the project fits into the priority of other city water and sewerage projects, while Chestler noted that the city will review its improvement plans. fixed assets at its next meeting on August 18 and that a decision could wait until then. .

Bedingfield and Councilor Fran Recht suggested waiting until the next meeting, but ultimately council voted 4-2 to approve the resolution.

Other notable elements of the Tuesday evening meeting included:

• The council approved on first reading an ordinance setting the rules of public contracts and purchases of the city on the advice of its chartered accountant. According to Chestler, the existing rules needed updating, and the proposed changes will help the city meet the recommendations of the city’s legal counsel and the CPA. The board asked staff to provide a document showing the changes in red letters.

• The board appointed Dennis King to the Salmon Enhancement Commission.

• Council authorized city staff to visit Newport Harbor to help determine how they bill for fuel.

• Council approved a capital improvement expense of $ 10,000 for the paving of asphalt trenches in the city.

• The owner of Hippie Trip sent an email correcting a statement from Recht, noting that Hippie Trip had three employees, while collective businesses in the South Bridge area had around 20 in total.

• At an urban renewal meeting held prior to the city council meeting, council determined that the recent cancellation of the street project freed up approximately $ 570,000 of funds that had been set aside, but that most of it of this amount is expected to pay the estimated $ 300,000 the Oregon Department of Transportation will charge for the work it performed on the project.

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