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Danville City Council is due to make its final decision on a comprehensive update to the city’s downtown master plan on Tuesday, following much discussion and public outreach efforts on the matter.

“This DMP update builds on the strong framework of the original DMP with an updated set of implementation plans to adapt its physical spaces to meet the changing needs of the community brought on by the global pandemic. of COVID-19,” said Jill Bergman, the city’s economic and business development manager. director, said in a staff report.

“Specifically, it seeks to reimagine how these spaces can be enhanced to provide greater connection, interaction and engagement,” she added.

The proposed update aims to address the three main priorities identified in a number of public outreach efforts. These include improvements along Hartz Avenue, expansions to Theater Square and the public plaza at Hartz Avenue and Prospect Street, and addressing traffic safety issues.

To address the latter concern, the proposed update would involve “bulbs at intersections to improve pedestrian safety by shortening crossing distance and narrowing the street, two raised intersection tables to slow vehicular traffic and introduce expanded areas at intersections for specialized artistic lighting to improve nighttime visibility,” according to Bergman.

A draft of the update was presented at the August 16 council meeting, where council members asked staff to finalize the update after making several minor changes that would retain some parking spaces and welcome businesses with the expansion of the sidewalks.

“As with the original DMP, all projects are expected to take more than a decade and millions of dollars of infrastructure investment to implement,” Bergman said. “Fortunately, the city council has allocated local fiscal stimulus funds received through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and additional dollars from the general fund to advance a selected catalyst project.”

Although ARPA funding is a once-unexpected source of funding now available for some projects, it comes with some limitations.

“To use ARPA funds, the selected project(s) must be sufficiently limited in scope (in time and cost) to be designed and completed no later than 2026,” Bergman said.

A total of $2.5 million in funding has been set aside for projects in the update, as part of the city’s capital improvement program, including $1.5 million from ARPA and $1 million from the general fund.

Danville City Council will meet on Tuesday (September 6) at 5 p.m. The agenda is available here.

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