Cute and colorful Easter basket lifters will delight your child on Easter morning


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Easter this year is April 4, so don’t procrastinate in planning and creating your little one’s Easter basket. Scroll down below for some cute ideas to make your child’s Easter morning surprise even more delicious. It’s been a tough year and they’ve been through a lot. Give them these colorful and fun Easter gifts.

1. 100 plastic eggs filled with candy (see photo at the top of this story) – Filled with candy and ready to use, these loose plastic Easter eggs are the instant party favorite. Each of the 100 eggs is filled with a candy, and the assorted candies will delight young Easter treasure hunters. The egg size is manageable for young hands, at 2⅓ ”, and makes them the perfect choice of pre-filled plastic Easter eggs for baskets, egg hunts or any other Easter activity. Retails for $ 44 per 100. To order, please click here.

Six large eggs with a wind-up toy. (Courtesy of

2. Six large eggs with a surprise wind-up toy inside – For $ 14.50, give your little one a “big” surprise in a giant plastic egg. The Easter Hunting Kit comes with six large eggs filled with epic jumping chicken animal stickers and will be a hit with kids (and adults too). Roll it up and let it jump on the floor or on the table and in different directions. Use the animal stickers to decorate. These artistic filled plastic Easter eggs are not only fun, but they also encourage creativity. Order, please click here.

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Sidewalk Chalk, Pack of 18. (Courtesy of

3. Pack of 18 sidewalk chalks– Novelty Gifts – Unlike other regular Easter egg toys for kids, the Easter Sidewalk Chalk Set is an innovative educational gift for kids that promotes learning while playing. Priced at $ 21, the hours are fun and also stimulate the child’s creativity. The package includes 12 packs of Easter chalk eggs, 3 packs of Easter chalk bunnies, and 3 packs of Easter chicken. Order, please click here.

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12 piece plastic eggs filled with construction trucks (courtesy of

4. 12 pieces of Easter Eggs pre-filled with construction vehicle blocks Retail for $ 24, Each mini building block set comes with an instruction manual, super easy and fun to assemble. These construction vehicle building blocks are made of high quality plastic and are available in bright colors. They’re toxin-free, long-lasting, and promote hours of fun play for kids, improving focus and promoting creativity. Order, please click here.

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Pack of 4 giant plastic eggs filled with unicorns. (Courtesy of

5. Pack of 4 giant plastic eggs filled with unicorns– Priced at $ 14.95, these unicorn warping eggs are great for kids, Easter gifts, birthday gifts, school class rewards, carnival prizes, pinata, bags of gifts. There are 4 giant egg packs in a box, and each egg has a unicorn deformation egg that you can change into a unicorn toy. Order, please click here.


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