“Clubs fail if they just look at the results. It should be about capital, skill and consistency ”- The Athletic

Mads Davidsen has an interesting theory that applies to all clubs in professional football, but especially those that are not among the top flight.

The technical director, who is now at Al Jazeera in the United Arab Emirates, believes that clubs have the opportunity to unlock “20 percent of potential” not predetermined by economy or luck, to help them outperform others.

Building a long-term strategy around areas such as style of play, recruiting or youth development can foster sustainability – and at a time when money is tight for most professional clubs in Due to the pandemic, a change in approach becomes more attractive.

Of course, there is no guarantee of success, although Davidsen’s recent work with a number of clubs around the world suggests otherwise. Maximizing the “20%” will not turn, for example, Mansfield Town into Manchester City.

“The 20% alone won’t make Burnley the champion of England either,” the 38-year-old told The Athletic, explaining how 70% of a club’s success is due to the amount of money he disposes, with the remaining 10 percent affected by fate.

But by thinking smarter, sticking to a plan, avoiding gut reactions, and believing in the vision, there are many areas that can be improved.

Recognizable wellness stories include Brentford’s promotion to the Premier League for this season more than 70 years since they were last a top club and Atalanta’s first three consecutive Serie A rankings.

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