Class of 2021: from mathematics to music, Jon Gómez pays attention to models

“I’ve been programming since the fourth year,” said Gómez. “I wrote a book on BASIC, a general and high level programming language, and I learned it myself. By the time I went to CNU, I was already familiar with several programming languages. I’ve always loved hanging out with other programming students and knew I wanted to be a programmer after college.

After graduating from CNU in 2008, Gómez worked in several programming jobs before landing his current job at Silverchair, a Charlottesville-based company that provides technology and publishing platforms to scientific, medical and technical publishers. He started out in programming and software development, and soon after joined a Python encounter in which he developed a passion for data science. Gómez remembered all of this by clicking for him after attending the machine learning conference at the TomTom Founders Festival.

“Hearing from professional speakers and data scientists, it suddenly became real to me that data science was something I could do,” he recalls. “I loved computer science and I loved math. Data science mixes my two passions, but would open up career opportunities. “

Gómez chose the Master of Science in Data Science Online because he wanted to continue his work at Silverchair, and the program allowed him to do both. It also allowed her to stay in Charlottesville near her parents, both working at UVA, and to complete her CNU diploma with a UVA master’s degree.

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